Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There are the new outfits at the store

come get them ^^ they cost 300l each

Friday, September 26, 2008

My world...

my world would be a better place if you were in it...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I started my new brand yesterday that I will run toghether with Blue Blood. The New brand is called Fuku Textures and it's basically fullperm textures for clothes designers. So if you're a designer or you'd like to start something in that area you may want to cheak this ;)


Friday, September 19, 2008

New Lucky Chair Freebies

these are both in the lucky chair at +++BLUE BLOOD+++

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tartan madness

here's one of my new outfits, it's called Tartan and here you can see both male and female, they include accessories, sculpted parts and shoes.
The hair I'm wearing (female) is a cute japanese short straight hair, it's lovely :D I've had it for a very long time and I really hope the store is still going :)
The Skin i sadly couldn't find the LM (yes I dusted my inv today) but it's one of the most beautiful skins I ever bought. The male skin is a very old freebie no longer available.
The mail hair you can get for 29L in slexchange following the link from the credits :)


Outfit: Tartan (female version) +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Hair: Smoka short hair
Skin: N-Zoe Coal light (coulnd't find the LM the skin is ubber old) :(

Outfit: Tartan (male version) +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Hair: Cabelo MAsc Chanel

in both cases shoes are included with the outfit

Pixelated Cuteness :P

this is one of my new outfits called Trap, there is also a matching one for male in case you wondered, oh and it comes with all the accessories you see, except for the boots of course, but they cost only 100L. The skin I have from Domestic was on sale... there are a few like this which are all absolutely gorgeous and you HAVE to get it because it's 80% off, only 5 linden!!
The hair I'm wearing here I actually wore for the promo of the outfit because I think they match perfectly, it's from Pudge and it's called the Morgan.
I hope you guys liked it :)


Outfit: Trap (female version) +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Hair: The Morgan - Black PUDGE
Skin: V Deadly Glutony TEARS SKIN (DOLL) Domestic
Boots: Hardcore Platform Boots +++BLUE BLOOD++++

Monday, September 15, 2008


8 new outfits from +++BLUE BLOOD+++
each costs 300L

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ghani's Golden Path ;) (Dune geeks like me will get it) :P

well... I've been wanting to do this for a long time... and I'm sure I'm not even near finishing this project of mine, but ever since I started making outfits in SL I've been wanting to create Dune Outfits... ther same outfits I've seen in the movie and miniseries.... the same I imagined closing my eyes, creating pictures in my mind from the descriptions Frank Herbert, in his infinite genius, made for all of us to enjoy. I admire that man and his son for the great stories they nurtured my mind with for years... that is why this means a lot to me... my homenage to a story I first set eyes on as a child, and today I keep reading... my homenage to two great men and the wonderful universe they created.

These are the first three outfits of, hopefully, many many many

you can find them at +++BLUE BLOOD++++

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet Mirre <3

Mirre is my best friend and she started making clothes! she's a very talented Blooming designer and I'm wearing some of her stuff for you today :) The details of te jacket she made are amazing and I just love hr rose accessories for the chest and waist :)
With it I'm wearing some cute hair I bought at the hair fair from Aoharu and a freebie from Numbakulla island in sl, toghether with one of my skirts and skins :)


*Socks, rose accessories, shirt and jacket by Mirre
*Skirt - from the purrkitty Outfit +++BLUE BLOOD++++
*Hair - Kathy 01d AOHARU
*Skin - Desdemona pale skin with tears +++BLUE BLOOD++++
*Boots and hat Numbakulla Freebie

Friday, September 5, 2008


"This is the way it will always be with us. We'll stand thus when we are married. Back to back, each looking outward from the other to protect the one thing which we have always been." He turned, looked mockingly at Farad'n, lowered his voice: "Remember that, cousin, when you're face to face with my Ghanima. Remember that when you whisper of love and soft things, when you are most tempted by the habits of my peace and my contentment. Your back will remain exposed."

Hotter than Gwen Stefani XD

here I'm wearing tons of piercings... and I must say, I didn't like piercings on me until Chikane showed me the ones she designs, I just love them! plus I look hardcore badass witht them on! lol
Cobrahive has tons of piercings for you to choose from, all of them original and will adjust toy uor ace perfectly
plus they are only one attachment, so you odn't end up wasting all your face attachments on piercings.

The hot Blonde hair is by Philotic Energy, they have great hair, I loved everything by them at the hair Fair

the boots and outfit are from +++BLUE BLOOD++++ and grrrr they look hot with that hair and piercings! I swear yopu kick someone with those killer boots and it's a knockout LOL


*Piercings Cobrahive
*Armlets, collar and bracelets Cobrahive
*Hair - Courtnay BlondeBlack tipped Philotic Energy
*Boots - Hardcore Stiletto Boots +++BLUE BLOOD++++
*Outfit - Lasombra Red +++BLUE BLOOD++++
*Skin - Porcelana Rouge Natural Red +++BLUE BLOOD++++
*AO - Vixen AO Ana Mations