Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Matrioska Doll Skins!

+++Blue Blood+++ is excited to announce the beginning of a brand new line of skins - Matrioska Dolls Skins.  Ghani has made three skins, perfect for fantasy role players and others who enjoy a dolly or kawaii look.  Without further ado, here they are!

The skins come with two options - with and without teeth.  They are available in the new Matrioska annex at the +++Blue Blood+++ mainstore.  Please try the demos before purchasing!  Here's your taxi!

- Inocencia Skin:
Skin by Matrioska Doll Skins
Hair by Truth
Clothing by +++Blue Blood+++
Cyber gloves by g.Love

- Kawaii Skin: 
Skin by Matrioska Doll Skins
Hair by lamb
Clothing by +++Blue Blood+++
Collar by Cobrahive

- Fae Skin: 
Skin by Matrioska Doll Skins
Hair by Truth
Clothing by +++Blue Blood+++

Friday, October 21, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ Halloween Special!

Hello, everyone, Desiree here to update you all on the latest releases from +++Blue Blood+++. Today, Ghani released a Halloween Special - it's Bloody Amethyst, and it's available with matching hair and skin. Yep, I said *skin*! Ghani has finally turned her amazing texturing skills to skin making. I was wondering when she would do that!

Bloody Amethyst is a sweet, pink and white babydoll dress besplattered with blood. If you know Ghani's textures, you know that the blood is very realistic! The skin is an innocent doll skin with vibrant pink cheeks and eyeshadow. But to match the dress, the skin is scratched, stitched, and bloody all over! The dress is available for only L$150, the hair for L$80, and the skin, which comes with two options - with or without teeth - for only L$100. Please try the demo.

I'll be back later with more updates, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here's your taxi to +++Blue Blood+++.

Dress - +++Blue Blood+++ - Bloody Amethyst
Skin - +++Blue Blood+++ - Bloody Amethyst Bloody Stitched Skin
Hair - +++Blue Blood+++ - Yuki Hair - Black - Bloody Amethyst Edition
Shoes by Dilly Dolls