Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, Ghanima did it again, another gorgeous outfit! This one come with three skirt options, 2 top options, and 2 underwear options and the little heart can be worn by itself as a tattoo! Can that get any better? *points to below*

It can get better! Because from now on +++Blue Blood+++ outfits will be available in White! When Ghanima showed this dress to me I was floored, it's absolutely stunning! I have been hoping that she would one day do something in white and she's finally done it! As with all her outfits the textures are completely hand drawn, shaded and designed. I can't wait to see more! They are gorgeous!

You can find both of these outfits at the +++Blue Blood+++ Main Store. And don't forget if you're a group member you get 50% off the fatpack as well as the group only colours which for these outfits are Black and WhiteGoth Green!

+++Blue Blood+++ Group Section
+++Blue Blood+++ Main Store

Hair: YumYum
Boots: Bax
Poses: Oracul

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well, it's almost time for the big Snowflake grid wide hunt and our beautiful Ghanima has joined the list of stores that are participating! She has created this gorgeous gown as her hunt gift! As always, the textures are hand made as is the skirt. The gown comes with a beautiful chest attachment of black roses that match the rose embellishments on either side of the skirt. Stunning! Now, the hunt doesn't start until December 1st but it's not too long from now so head down to the store and click the Snowflake hunt sign to get all the information about it! See you then!

+++Blue Blood+++ Main Store

Things I am wearing:

Skin: Lazolli- Lady Gaga Skin (not yet released)
Shape: Lady Gaga Shape by me (not yet released)
Hair: Sanu- Serenity
Pose: A.D.D Andel! (my store)

Originally posted by Andel Rhiadra

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well, she's done it again! Ghani has made another beautiful outfit, and this time with patterns! This gorgeous dress called Acha comes with two skirt options, two corest options, stockings, gloves and shrug. So, it's actually two outfits in one! As always the dress is created by hand with wonderful attention to style and detail. And, as usual the fat pack is 50% off to group members and the group only colour is Black.

I've included the small note Ghani sent out about how the dress came about. Enjoy! -Andel

"Achariya suggested I should add patterns to my fabrics and so she created a montster! I spent a long time drawing and testing and in the end all I can say is that I had tons of fun and that I love the result. Thanks! Hence this dress is named after her *^__^*" -Ghani

Skin: Nomine

Hair: Curio

Poses: Oracul

Boots: Bax

Post by Andel Rhiadra.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Winter is near!

Well, winter is just around the corner and you know what that means! Warm winter fashions! This has to be my favourite time of the year as far as fashion goes so naturally I was pretty excited to see this latest release from +++Blue Blood+++ called Dyna. I've been wearing it for a few days now, could likely use dry cleaning by now. Anywho, the dress/coat comes with 3 skirt options, an optional jacket attachment that can be worn over all the skirts or just by itself, stockings, sculpty collar and sleeve attachments. Dyna comes in four beautiful colours and one group only colour which is black. You can find the group only colour in the group section of the main store, also don't forget if you are part of the +++Blue Blood+++ you get 50% off the fatpack but be sure to be wearing your group tag! This outfit is a must for any woman's winter wardrobe this year!

+++Blue Blood+++ Main Store
+++Blue Blood+++ Group Section

Skin: Den Dou
Hair: Magika
Shose: Bax
Poses: Oracul

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Releases!

First off I'd like to apologize for taking so long to post! I came down with a stomach virus and my brain has turned to goo. Anywho, here are the latest releases from +++Blue Blood+++!

Up first we've got an outfit called Maiden, it's stylish, sexy and very original. This outfit is perfect for anyone who wants a different but stylish look in their SL Wardrobe, the bloomers are fantastic, the coat is adorable and the thigh high stockings are sexy. It's got a Lolita style with hints of Victorian flare. Fantastic!

Bronx Elf, I love it! I have been secretly wishing that Ghani would make some kind of Lolita-ish silk set...and she did! What I like most about this outfit though is the way she did the skirt, it's not something I've not seen on most outfits like this around SL. Also, the way she did the bodice really gives the outfit that Lolita flare that I love so much. It comes in 5 beautiful colours, two skirt options, arm bands and garter belt stockings. So, very sexy.

Last but certainly not least, we have Talena, this is another personal favourite of mine. I love the dress design, so feminine, sexy, classy and perfect for this fall! The textures and attachments are all hand made with close attention to detail. The colours are rich and the dress design is perfect for a night on the town. A must for any woman's wardrobe this season.

And don't forget, group members get 50% off of fatpacks at the +++Blue Blood+++ Main Store! Be sure you are wearing your group tag, the fat packs along with the group only colours can be found in the group section of the Main Store. (Group colours listed below)


Skin: My Ugly Dorothy
Hair: Stringer Mausoleum
Shoes: Bax
Group colour: Black

Skin: Trap
Hair: Deviant Kitties
Shoes: Bax
Group Colour:Black

Skin: Nomine
Hair: Curio
Shoes: Bax
Group Colour: Black