Sunday, March 25, 2012

+++Blue Blood+++ for Horror Haute

Ghani is participating in this month's round of Horror Haute, which means that there's a bargain in store for you!

Nina is a flirty, fun, girly dress with a large tulip skirt in bright purple with red accents that's sure to get you noticed, especially because your hands are stained with dried blood!  At only L$50, it's certainly a bargain, too!  Please note that the +++Blue Blood+++ main store has moved, so grab the new landmark here.  Happy shopping!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nightly by +++Blue Blood+++

I'm back again with another new release from +++Blue Blood+++.  Ghani has been a busy little bee, hasn't she?!  So, tonight's offering is a sexy new gothic latex outfit called Nightly.

How delicious is this outfit?!  I particularly love the bat across the mesh undershirt that covers your naughty bits.  The skirt is a short, sculpted tulip-style skirt with sheer black lace around the hemline.  It also features sculpted shoulder pieces and sleeves.  I also love the stockings with the red, black, red pattern and garters.  Have you noticed how every Blue Blood outfit has distinctly different stockings and garters?  Such attention to detail!  Here's a pic of the fatpack so you can see all the other gorgeous colors that Nightly comes in.

Ooh la la!  That black is wicked, isn't it?!  Nightly - as in "I hunt for human blood, *nightly*" or "I'm Batman's female nemesis, *nightly*!"  Hee hee.  You know you want these, gothic lovelies!  Grab your hearse below!

Outfits by +++Blue Blood+++
Skins by [Matrioska] (see previous post!)
Shoes by Lassitude & Ennui
Hair by Magika

Three New Skins at Matrioska!

Ghani has made more skins!  And this time they come in three different skin tones - from pale to tan.

First there's the Samara skin with pretty rouged eye shadow and lips and chiseled cheekbones in three makeup variations.

Next, there's the Fantasy skin with spotted magenta embellishments around the eyes and down the cheekbones, or if you prefer, a barer look - all perfect for elven folk and their ilk. :)

And finally, there's Deva, a darker fantasy style skin, also perfect for the goths, with black lips and banded eye shadow in a sexy, deep red.  As you can see, all skins come with three makeups and in your choice of three tones.  Hope you love them!  Grab the limo below.

Skins by Matrioska

Clothes by +Blue Blood+
Hair by Raw House, Wasabi Pills and Magika
Shoes by Lassitude & Ennui

Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Complete Avatar from +++Blue Blood+++

It's Doll Mania!  +++Blue Blood+++ has done a full avatar for the fans of dolly attire.  The package consists of everything you need - hair, skin, eyes, shape, boots, and three complete outfits!

All parts are original +++Blue Blood+++ creations, of  course!  The hair includes 6 different colors in case black is not your favorite.  And yes, you get three pretty lolita dresses - take a look at the different styles included in the package.

It's everything you need in one convenient box!  Get one for a newbie in need of a makeover or for yourself!  Here's your limo.

*Everything* by +++Blue Blood+++!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Diana

Ghani and I have both been busy little bees in RL coz she actually released the new Diana dresses over a week ago.  We apologize for the delay in posting the news here.

Diana features a sculpted tulip skirt and arm warmers with sculpted tops and bottoms.  It also comes with a belt and necklace that match the tulip motif.  The corset bodice has a paisley pattern that just shimmers with rich textures.  I particularly love the textures on the lacing of the arm warmers - just perfection!  Here's a pic of the fatpack showing all the colors.

Diana comes in the usual palette  of black, red, purple, pink, and teal.  And don't worry, the skirt and other prim parts are easily resizeable to fit your avatar.  Grab your limo below and enjoy!

Outfit by +++Blue Blood+++
Hair by Magika
Skin by Nomine
Boots by Lassitude & Ennui