Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three New Skins at Matrioska!

Ghani has made more skins!  And this time they come in three different skin tones - from pale to tan.

First there's the Samara skin with pretty rouged eye shadow and lips and chiseled cheekbones in three makeup variations.

Next, there's the Fantasy skin with spotted magenta embellishments around the eyes and down the cheekbones, or if you prefer, a barer look - all perfect for elven folk and their ilk. :)

And finally, there's Deva, a darker fantasy style skin, also perfect for the goths, with black lips and banded eye shadow in a sexy, deep red.  As you can see, all skins come with three makeups and in your choice of three tones.  Hope you love them!  Grab the limo below.

Skins by Matrioska

Clothes by +Blue Blood+
Hair by Raw House, Wasabi Pills and Magika
Shoes by Lassitude & Ennui

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