Monday, March 29, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Valeria

Today's new release from +++Blue Blood+++ is a sexy little pants outfit called Valeria. It features a top with shoulders uncovered (in whitegoth white or darkgoth black), a tube top (in the chosen color), a corset in the chosen color, a sculpted collar, sculpted sleeves in two parts, pants with sculpted extensions, and cute little prim ruffles over the hips. It also has options to either cover or show your tummy a bit. As always, everything comes on all layers for easy (and sometimes mind-boggling!) mixing and matching.

Darkgoth Ocre

Valeria comes in the darkgoth colors black, ocre, purple, red, and teal, and the whitegoth colors blue, green, pink, purple, and white. The group only colors are the darkgoth black and the whitegoth green. As always, group members receive a 50% discount on fatpacks. Get yours today at +++Blue Blood+++!


Outfit: +++Blue Blood+++

Hair: Magika

Poses: Oracul

Shoes: Bax Coen

Skin: Trap

A Quickie.... let you know that the Rika Dress in Teal is currently in the Mobvend. It goes down to L$50 if you get enough people around. But hurry because there's no telling how long it'll be before Ghani changes it out.

Get it here at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Dresses - ++Blue Blood++ - Rika in Dark goth - teal
Hair - Rezlpsa Loc - Martha - 9pm
Shoes - Sn@tch - Slouchy Janes
Skin - Heartsick - Amor E Morte - Aether - Absinthe with Faust

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ Specials

Ghani has some treats for us this week. Not only has she created the uber-cute Mutant Baby Animal dresses blogged earlier, but she's also put another outfit in the Riotvend and a new special on xstreet. First is the latest L$29 xstreet special - Maiden in Ocre. Get it here on xstreet.

Next up, the Riotvend outfit this week is Astrid in Purple. This is a recent outfit, too. Get enough friends and group-mates together and you could have it at an amazing discount.


Photo 1:

Outfit – +++Blue Blood+++ – Astrid – Darkgoth Purple

Skin – Amacci

Hair – Kitsune Couture

Eyes – *sakurako*

Lashes – Insanity

Boots – [Gos]

Photo 2:

Dress - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Maiden - Ocre

Eyes - Shine

Hair - A.T.H. - Maiden - black (old - no longer available)

Lashes - Insanity

Skin - Amacci

Earrings & Bracelet - Dark Mouse

Shoes - DV8

Monday, March 22, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Mutant Baby Animals!

Really now, who can resist Mutant Baby Animals?! Ghani made 4 uber-cute dresses, abbreviated MBA Dresses, with cute animals (mutant ones, of course). Each dress comes with three different skirts, and that's not all. You not only get one dress, you get two dresses - and they're TRANSFER! That's right! You get one for you and one for your BFF. And that's still not all! These dresses are only L$100 - that's just L$50 per dress. But, hurry because they will only be available for a limited time. Look how cute!

You'll find them at the center of the ground floor of +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - just look for the HUMONGOUS sign. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Aldana

Ghani has a new release for +++BLUE BLOOD+++ fans a bit early this week. Ghani presents Aldana, another chapter in her creative quest for something a bit different. Aldana is a versatile outfit, consisting of a short sleeved jacket with a prim collar, hem, and shoulder pads, a long sleeved shirt with prim cuffs, pants with bracers, bracers alone, knee socks, and a sculpted skirt. These pieces can be combined for several different looks. Ghani says that with the sculpted skirt, the outfit is cyberpunk lolita. Without the skirt, it's a completely different look. Check it out.

Whitegoth Fatpack

Whitegoth Pink

Darkgoth Red

Darkgoth Fatpack

Aldana comes in the dark goth colors black, ocre (group only), purple, teal, and red. The whitegoth colors are blue, white, purple, green (group only), and pink. As always group members also get 50% off the fatpack. Get yours at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Skin - Nomine
Poses - Oracul
Shoes - Bax Coen

Monday, March 15, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Lucky Chair Dresses - Wonderland

Ghani has restocked the lucky boards with an Alice inspired dress called Wonderland. You can win every one of them in the lucky board except for the yellow which is a group gift. Join the Blue Blood group and check notices. Wonderland is adorned with cheshire cats, pocket watches, and teacups and comes in a bazillion colors. :) Happy stalking!

Dresses - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Wonderland
Poses - Oracul
Shoes - Heart & Sole
Hair - lamb
Skin - Nomine

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Des does Astrid

Hey, Blue Blooders. Instead of posting the "Des does..." here, I decided to post on my own blog because I have such trouble (*fail*!) resizing my pictures to fit here. So, please check out me, Des, in Astrid over here. Thanks!

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Astrid

Ghani's back from temporary SL exile and boy was she busy! The new release is unlike anything she has done before in terms of the complexity of the textures (all hand drawn and hand painted, of course). You've *got* to see Astrid.

I could spend (and have actually) an hour just staring at the sleeves and pant cuffs. They are scrumptuous! Astrid is available in the darkgoth colors black, gold, purple, red, and teal, and in the whitegoth colors blue, gold, pink, purple, and white. As always, the pieces come on all available layers - a dizzying array, actually - so that you can mix and match, wear your tattoos, etc. The group only colors for this release are the Darkgoth and Whitegoth Gold. As always, VIP group members receive a 50% discount on the fatpacks. Get your favorite color, or better yet all of them, here at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Other Credits:

Skin: Sweets Part (sorry, I couldn't find a Landmark)

Shoes: 50 flats

Poses: Oracul (Kuso Kuso)

Hair: Magika

Monday, March 1, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ Twisted Hunt Prize

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ is one of the sponsors of the latest Twisted Hunt - the most difficult and evil hunt in SL. For the hunt, Ghanima has recolored her Suomi trenchcoat to fashion a unisex version for all you goth girls and boys.

The prize consists of the trenchcoat with sculpted shoulder pads, collar, and cuffs and a long, prim trenchcoat skirt. It does not include pants. I've paired the Suomi trenchcoat with the pants from Blue Blood's Ruca outfit (to avoid unnecessary nudity *wink*). To hunt for Suomi, TP to +++Blue Blood+++ - here's your limo.

For more information on the Twisted Hunt, go to and Happy Hunting! :)


Trenchcoat - +++Blue Blood+++ - Suomi - Special Edition Unisex - Twisted Hunt Gift

Skin - Amacci - Felicia - Goth - 23 Smokey Nude - HB

Pants - +++Blue Blood+++ - Ruca (red) pants

Earrings - Ticky Tacky - Knit One, Pearl Two - PinkyPie (Car Wash 10L)

Lip Piercing - :+*R*+: - Twincle Lovelet (Car Wash 10L)

Boots - Baby Monkey - Malia Boots Black - Car Wash 10L

Eyes - Tacky Star - Cold Like Ice - Small - Vein 1

Hair - Waka & Yuki - Model Hair Gift 3 (at Mimi's Choice)