Monday, March 22, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Mutant Baby Animals!

Really now, who can resist Mutant Baby Animals?! Ghani made 4 uber-cute dresses, abbreviated MBA Dresses, with cute animals (mutant ones, of course). Each dress comes with three different skirts, and that's not all. You not only get one dress, you get two dresses - and they're TRANSFER! That's right! You get one for you and one for your BFF. And that's still not all! These dresses are only L$100 - that's just L$50 per dress. But, hurry because they will only be available for a limited time. Look how cute!

You'll find them at the center of the ground floor of +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - just look for the HUMONGOUS sign. :)

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