Tuesday, March 9, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Astrid

Ghani's back from temporary SL exile and boy was she busy! The new release is unlike anything she has done before in terms of the complexity of the textures (all hand drawn and hand painted, of course). You've *got* to see Astrid.

I could spend (and have actually) an hour just staring at the sleeves and pant cuffs. They are scrumptuous! Astrid is available in the darkgoth colors black, gold, purple, red, and teal, and in the whitegoth colors blue, gold, pink, purple, and white. As always, the pieces come on all available layers - a dizzying array, actually - so that you can mix and match, wear your tattoos, etc. The group only colors for this release are the Darkgoth and Whitegoth Gold. As always, VIP group members receive a 50% discount on the fatpacks. Get your favorite color, or better yet all of them, here at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Other Credits:

Skin: Sweets Part (sorry, I couldn't find a Landmark)

Shoes: 50 flats

Poses: Oracul (Kuso Kuso)

Hair: Magika

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