Monday, September 28, 2009

Hardcore Elegant!

So, today I was looking around some stores for a nice, dark, Lolita dress when Ghani sends me a folder. What did I find? A nice dark Lolita dress! I don't know how she does it but I wear she lives in my head. When I want a certain kind of outfit, she releases one! I love it! The textures are all handmade, as well as the skirt, bust ruffles and arm bracers. I really like the classic Lolita dress with the hardcore twist of buckles and bracers. It's simple, elegant, yet rough and sexy. The dress can be worn different ways, as it does have another shirt option, which is sleeveless, so you don't have to wear the bracers. So technically two outfits in one! As always, the fatpack can is 50% off to group members and the special group only colour is Black! Don't forget to wear your +++Blue Blood+++ group tag when you purchase though! Both outfits can be found at the +++Blue Blood+++ Main store and the special group offers can be found in the group section!

Hair: LoveKitty

Skin: Pink Fuel

Poses: Oracul

Shoes: SLX

+++Blue Blood+++
Main Store

+++Blue Blood+++
Group Section

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall is approaching!

Well, Fall is rapidly approaching for me and I don't know about you but I love it! For me fall and winter are the happiest times for me. I love the cold, clean, crisp air but my favourite thing is finding warm snuggly, and lets not forgot fashionable, clothing! So when Ghani dropped the latest release on me I squealed! These new outfits are perfect for those cold, clear fall days! The female version comes with two different ways to wear it, one that is a Dress outfit and the other to be worn as a Coat with bloomers! Too cute. I love the mix of modern sophistication with classic and timeless fashion. This is a must for any wardrobe this fall! You can pick up the male and female versions at the main store now! As always the fat-pack is 50% off for group members and the group only colour is Blue (available in the group section of the main store) Happy shopping!

Hair - DP YumYum
Skin - Sweets Party
Boots - Lethality Designs

Skin - DenDou
Hair - Gritty Kitty
Boots - Lethality designs

Poses - Oracul

Find them here!
+++Blue Blood+++ Main store

+++Blue Blood+++ Group section.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hi Everyone!

this week I decided to pull it forward by creating something I had never ventured into before :P
This week's Blue Blood's release is called Wasp, a sexy outfit, with 2 skirt options that comes with an amazing waist reduction corset! yes! now your avatar can have a sexy wasp waist just as the ones women did with old corsets!

Take a look:


The all black wasp outfit is available for group members only

if you are a group member you get 50% off on the purchase of the fatpack

remember to wear the group tag to access the group only benefits <3

you can get them at +++Blue Blood+++ Main store


Skin: *SP*
Hair: *DP*
Poses: Oracul
Boots: Lethality Designs


A touch of myth.........

Ariadne was daughter of King Minos of Crete and his queen and eventyually became the wife of the god Dionysus.
Since ancient Greek legends were passed down through oral tradition, many variations of this and other myths exist. According to one version of the legend, Minos attacked Athens after his son was killed there. The Athenians asked for terms, and were required to sacrifice seven young men and seven maidens every nine years to the Minotaur. One year, the sacrificial party included Theseus, a young man who volunteered to come and kill the Minotaur. Ariadne fell in love at first sight, and helped him by giving him a sword and a ball of red fleece thread that she was spinning, so that he could find his way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth.

Source > wikipedia

I just wanted to add this so that you could see why the dress has a Greek touch, and a string that attachs to the hand.

Ariadne is the name of the new Blue Blood outfit. Based on a Greek myth, Ariadne is an elegant female outfit, sexy, mediterranean, with a touch of goth. It's not the usual style I work with, so it was definitely fun to create and a real challenge :) I hope you like it :)

as discounts go, the group gets the fatpack at 50% discount, and of course there is a group only color, which is pink *^__^*

you can get them at +++Blue Blood+++ Main store


Skin: My Ugly Dorothy
Hair: Magika
Boots: Dilly Dolls
Poses: Oracul