Monday, December 3, 2012

Madness at +Blue Blood+

Okay not really madness but an adorable new Alice in Wonderland inspired dress in five vibrant colors ( Red, Teal, Purple, Pink, and Black) fit for even the Queen of Hearts! the Alice Dress features teacups, pocket watches, and that ever lovable Cheshire grin around the skirt as well as beautiful lacework above the corset.

And as always we must give credit where credit is due for these gorgeous ads!

Outfit: +Blue Blood+ - Alice
Skin: [PXL] - Gaia Vintage love (hunt)
Hair: Alice Project - Helalyn
Tiara: Noodles - be our guest tiara
Necklace: Pididdle - my special treasures - gold glitter
Eyes: Gauze - anime eyes
Ears: [][]Trap[][] - Gelf Ears

Monday, November 26, 2012

All Sorts of Newness at +Blue Blood+

So there is a lot to talk about with today's update! First off, the main store has moved to join the Nomine Sim with a brand spanking new Gothic build of total win! Here is a new SLURL so that you can enjoy the new build and look around, there are also teleport pictures behind the front desk for quick teleporting to your destination if you don't feel like exploring the new build right away.

But that isn't all of the newness that is in store for you, there is more! Namely a cute new mesh dress more. Sugar Doll is the newest in the collection of awesome mesh dresses being released at +Blue Blood+. As always it come with available demos for all the sizes and each color comes in all the sizes. Speaking of colors this dress comes in 5 distinct bold color sets, (Purple & Pink, Black & Blue, Red & Black, Red & Yellow, and Teal & Purple) all of which will totally make you stand out in a crowd and draw all eyes to you.

But the fun doesn't stop there with this dress! For a VERY LIMITED TIME there is a special edition RAINBOW version in store only and only 150L$! If your a group member the fun doesn't end there, if you purchase the dress while wearing your +++BLUE BLOOD+++ update group tag the vendor will pay you back 50% thus making this colorful fun dress only 75L$ for group members! You do not want to miss this deal, especially if you love rainbows as much as I do!

And as always we mush give credit where credit is due for these gorgeous ads!

Outfits by +Blue Blood+
Hairs by Magika and Alice Project
Skin by Daemora
Poses by Status

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Prizes in the Lucky Boards at +Blue Blood+

The newest mesh dress just got that much more awesome!! There are now 5 versions located exclusively in the lucky boards!

The first version is Bunny Print with adorable bunnies all over it.

The second is a sweet and adorable Cupcake Print (my personal favorite but I am bias towards anything with cupcakes on it especially rainbow cupcakes).

 The third is Hearts Print which will make you smile with the winged hearts that cover it.

 The fourth is Skulls Print with adorable kawaii skullls to decorate the dress.

 The fifth and final is a scrumptious Strawberry Print.

All of the dresses come with all the Mesh sizes XS-XL. Stalk the boards and grab these awesome dolly dresses from the lucky boards before they get retired.

Newness at +Blue Blood+ - Hikaru Dress

There is an awesome new mesh dress out now at +Blue Blood+. The adorable heart covered Hikaru dress comes in five, bright, beautiful colors (Red, Teal, Purple, Pink, Black). As always it comes in all the standard sizes XS-XL and there is a demo for you to try it before you buy it at the store!

Come grab this awesome dress available only at +Blue Blood+!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blue Blooded Vixen

     Are you feeling like hitting the SLuniverse in style? Feeling like dressing in something posh to sate your distinct fashion taste? Well Blue Blood's new dress, Vixen is for you! She is created from high quality mesh with hand painted and detailed detailed texturing. Vixen is available in standard sizing, as well as five different colors (Black, Pink, Purple, Red, & Teal) to choose from. So whether you're a sophisticated business gal, a model looking for something chic or someone looking for something classy and cute, you should drop by Blue Blood and pick up a copy of Vixen. She is definitely not one to miss!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Release - Vixen by +Blue Blood+

New this week at +Blue Blood+ the sexy Vixen Mesh dress in 5 fabulous colors (Teal, Purple, Pink, Black, and Red)! This chic dress is the perfect dress to add to to collection of any sophisticated dolly. Each color include 5 sizes and the demo is right there for easy access to try it on before you buy it too!

And as always we must give credit where it is due for these gorgeous ads!

Outfit by +Blue Blood+
Hair by Magika
Skin by BCC
Boots by Lassitude & Ennui

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Matrioska] in My Second Box

This month Matrioska is one of the participating designers in the My Second Box group. For a 300L$ group join fee you get gifts from many designers at no extra cost! This is a great group to join to get some awesome exclusive gifts. More information about the group can be found here. You can click this link to join the group. Back to the gorgeous skin that Matrioska is offering for the event.

Dollface is a My Second Box exclusive, and you can only get this skin from the group. Dollface comes in simple skin with makeup and also in the bare skin with makeup on tattoo layer. Thus this skin is perfect for styling on every occasion, So go join the group and grab it before it is gone at the end of the month!

Skin : Matrioska

Friday, October 12, 2012

Disgraced by +Blue+Blood+

Another adorable MESH dress has just been released by +Blue Blood+! This cute dress is the perfect addition to any dolly's wardrobe and is available in 5 colors (Teal, Red, Black, Pink, and Purple) All the sizes are included in each color.

Come stop by and try on a demo and buy it in that color you can't live without!

And as always we must give credit where it is due for these gorgeous ads!
Outfit by +Blue Blood+
Skin by BCC
Hair by Wasabi Pills
Shoess by lassitude & ennui

Friday, October 5, 2012

This is Halloween!

It is that wonderful time of year once again, the one where all the freaks can come out and play with no fear! October means Halloween, and this year +Blue Blood+ has a special release that is utterly adorable in bright pumpkin orange! Each piece is sold separately for 50L$ but at 150L$ for all three pieces it is still a steal for hand-painted quality!

These pieces aren't available at the main store, but they are available at the main store sim. Once you tp into the store wander out across the center of the island and into the church. There you will find these 3 beautiful pieces among other awesomely prized treasures from the other shops on the sim!

Come start exploring what +Blue Blood+ and the rest of the island has to offer you this Halloween!

Monday, October 1, 2012

+Blue Blood+ @ Starlust Monster Beach Party!

+Blue Blood+ has put out a wonderful assortment of her stuff out at the Starlust Monster Beach Party this year. You should come check out her sunbathing spot and see what great deals you can snag!

This is what your looking for come have some fun in the sun before it gets too cold!

Your ride to the party:

Trick Or Treat! Hunt that is

The Trick or Treat hunt started today and Ghani made some pretty mesh boots for it. They feature an all knowing and we known grin and totally match an up coming outfit release. SO yes it is well worth the little bit of effort hunting and the 1L$ that the hunt prize cots to have the perfect boots ready and waiting when the new outfit strikes!

Also TEACUP!! Can you tell I am excited for the boots and outfit to be together?

Come to the store and start hunting: 

Monster Gatcha Festival - Draggy Mesh Dress

+Blue Blood+ is part of the Monster Gatcha Festival and has brought out another adorable mesh dress for us to drool on and fight over! Draggy is available in 5 colors (Black, Pink, Purple, Red, and Teal) all of which are available in the +Blue Blood+ Gatcha at the festival. This flirty, fun dress can be played almost anyway you want to play it. It can go from goth, to punk, to just plain pretty with a few simple accessory changes. Hard not to love a versatile dress, especially one that is hand drawn with lots of care to detail.

The gatcha is only 50L$ a try for this dress and all sizes of the dress are included in the box. And the dresses are No Copy/No Modify/Yes Transfer so you can share your duplicates with your friends or trade to get that last color you need for your set!

Your ride to the Monster Gatcha Festival: 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Twisted Time Again At +Blue Blood+!

    That's right, it's Twisted Time again! With the theme of Darkness, +Blue Blood+ has put an exclusive, special edition color of their Strappy dress in a beautiful blue. Don't worry guys, +Blue Blood+ made sure to have a gift out for you as she always does. So there is a male gift too, and though it isn't pictured, it's still that gorgeous high-quality, hand made texturing we all know and love +Blue Blood+ for!

     But that's not all! +Blue Blood+ has made sure to put out a petite version of both gifts, so even you petites can flaunt this Gothic couture!

+Blue Blood+ Mesh, Nadine!

     +Blue Blood+ has introduced mesh to their line of gorgeous dresses! Nadine is the first ever mesh dress to be created for +Blue Blood+ with the same gorgeous high quality texturing. Available in Black, Pink, Purple, Red and Teal, she is the perfect dress to keep you looking cute and flirty while screaming Gothic couture. She also comes in standard sizing, so there's sure to be your perfect fit!

[Matrioska] Petite Beauties

     Here is a look at [Matrioska]'s gorgeous petite skin, Deva. She is hand painted and hand tailored to specifically fit the petite avatar! There are a total of three different beautiful skins for the petites, all crafted by the skillful hands of Ghanima. The skins available for petites Cried Out, Deva and Fantasy. Each skin is available in six tones, three human-toned and three-fantasy toned. Deva, pictured above is my personal favorite. She is very regal in her make-up and fit for a petite queen!

Petite Skin: [Matrioska] Deva - Tone A
Dress: Petite +Blue Blood+ - Diabla

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nadine by +Blue Blood+

Yay! Ghani has brought her skills to the mesh department! Yes you heard me MESH! There is a new cute little mesh dress at +Blue Blood+ that comes in 5 colors and at least one of them is calling your name!

This cute but punky dress comes in Standard Mesh sizing XXS to L and needs a mesh enabled viewer to be able to see it. There are demos available too try and an alpha layer in included to make sure your favorite shape fits nicely into this dress. I don't know about you but this dress tells me it is time to get my flirt on!

And as always we must give credit where it is due for these gorgeous ads!

Outfit by +Blue Blood+
Skin by Red Grave
Hair by Magika
Boots by lassitude & ennui

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Builder Buddies Group!

There was some discussion a few days ago on Plurk as to creators getting bored and wanting someone to talk to. It is a lonely life of the creator if there isn't a friend around when they check back in from drawing in Photoshop or sculpting in Blender and the like. So a few friends, including the ever amazing Ghani, have joined together and started the The Fellowship of Buddy Builders group to help combat this loneliness with a group of people that are willing to hang out and build together! So if any of you are interested copy and paste the following link information into SL secondlife:///app/group/98012b8e-aba1-8996-5870-cc1892fd443b/about ! Join up and let the new building friendships thrive!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Skin a Petite!

The wait is finally over! [Matrioska] has made petite skins for the Yabusaka Petite Avatars. So far there are three skin styles in a variety of fun colors to play with!

Fantasy with its wild, fun, and playfully pink makeup detail!

Deva with its fierce red and black makeup that lets you say everything with your eyes!

Cried Out with its darker theme for the more Gothic pixie look!

Even better than having to mess with trying to put these skins on your avatar by hand is that all it takes is the new HUD which is available FREE at the store! So swing by and snatch up a new skin and the HUD to have some fun with your Yabusaka petite avatar! Your Petite limo to [Matrioska] awaits! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Elegant Sandra

[ Presence Photography ]
     "She walked down the long corridor, heading towards the sunlit balcony where the others would arrive soon. The windows on either side of the passage let in a soft glow of light of which would wash over her skin and hair. With every quiet but swift step, her heels would come down in a soft click, her dress flowing with each movement. She felt beautiful today, so much so that she would take but a moment to relish in it. She shut her eyes, stepping this way and that in a elegant waltzing motion; she would twirl and hum to herself, a daydream coming to her mind as her pearly white teeth would show between her dark lips in a smile. Today she felt on top of the world..."

     Feel just as beautiful in +Blue Blood+ Couture.
Come take a gander, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sandra by +Blue Blood+

Ghani brings you some sexy steampunk with this new outfit she has created! Presenting Sandra - an elegant Victorian steampunk gown!

All the formalities of the victorian age with the ever detailed eye to make this beautiful steampunk gown come to life. Perfect for all your steampunk needs with its conformity to the Victorian standards of being covered up but with the details and ability to be played up that we all love from +Blue Blood+ outfits!

Sandra come in five beautiful dark rich colors and is the perfect addition to your steampunk collection!

And as always we must give credit where it is due for these gorgeous ads!
Outfit by +Blue Blood+
Skin by [Matrioska]
Hair by Magika
Boots by lassitude & ennui

Monday, June 11, 2012

Attention Petites!!

+Blue Blood+ has just released 2 lovely outfits for Petite Avatars!!!

you can get these and many more at +Blue Blood+ Mainstore!! 

Flora by +Blue Blood+

+Blue Blood+ is delighted to present "Flora", a lovely set of dresses that will make you look like a hot gothic flamenco dancer!

You can get it at +Blue Blood+ Mainstore

Alia by +Blue Blood+

Alia is the new creation by +Blue Blood+
it includes a delicate bodice with a ribbon by the bellybutton (SO SEXY!) long gloves, straps and a delightful Burlesque open Skirt.

Get it at +Blue Blood+ Mainstore

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A flare for drama...

+Blue Blood+ has just released Amelie, a dramatic gothic gown, ideal for RP, parties, weddings or for going to a ball!

The model is the beautiful Electra Shadowcry! doesn't she look gorgeous?
Take a look also at the Fatpack picture so you can see all colors avilable:

ALSO! I made a version for Petite Avatars:

All Available at +Blue Blood+ mainstore

here are some pics of how the Gown looks with real light on a sim with shadows on:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nicky by +Blue Blood+

Nicky by +Blue Blood+ is a fresh young and sexy gothic outfit. It's laced up stockings and gloves add to its uniqueness and the corset is just something worth turning your head around for! the top part is made of fishnet, but with black satin laces interlaced in such a way nothing is seen but all is suggested! <3

To go to +Blue Blood+ take the Limo <3 

* Outfits by +Blue Blood+
* Skin by Nomine
* Boots by Wretched Dollies
* Hair by Magika

<3 and a big applause to this week's model, Drusilla Writer <3

Also! this is how the outfits look with shadows on =D

Saturday, April 14, 2012

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Lady Death

Ghani released a sexy, traditional gothic dress earlier this week that is sure to be a welcome addition to your gothic wardrobe.

Lady Death is a full gown dress with white lace overlays on the skirt, and an underbust corset and short jacket that bears a bit of your under bosom for sheer sexiness.  The name Lady Death certainly does the gown justice because the textures are just to die for!  Here's the fatpack so you can see all of the beautiful colors.

Now, normally, we'd be finished with this new release post, but not today!    In case you didn't notice, that's not Ghani in the store ads, but Ms. Velouria Blackheart, one of the winners in Blue Blood's recent "Best Doll" contest.  Here are a few more photos of Ms. Blackheart modeling Lady Death.  I think that "Death" becomes her, don't you?

We hope you agree that Lady Death is a must-have in your gothic attire closet.  Here's your limo to +++Blue Blood+++.


Outfits from +++Blue Blood+++
Skin from SYS
Shoes from Lassitude and Ennui
Hair from Tukinowaguma