Saturday, April 14, 2012

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Lady Death

Ghani released a sexy, traditional gothic dress earlier this week that is sure to be a welcome addition to your gothic wardrobe.

Lady Death is a full gown dress with white lace overlays on the skirt, and an underbust corset and short jacket that bears a bit of your under bosom for sheer sexiness.  The name Lady Death certainly does the gown justice because the textures are just to die for!  Here's the fatpack so you can see all of the beautiful colors.

Now, normally, we'd be finished with this new release post, but not today!    In case you didn't notice, that's not Ghani in the store ads, but Ms. Velouria Blackheart, one of the winners in Blue Blood's recent "Best Doll" contest.  Here are a few more photos of Ms. Blackheart modeling Lady Death.  I think that "Death" becomes her, don't you?

We hope you agree that Lady Death is a must-have in your gothic attire closet.  Here's your limo to +++Blue Blood+++.


Outfits from +++Blue Blood+++
Skin from SYS
Shoes from Lassitude and Ennui
Hair from Tukinowaguma

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