Thursday, July 23, 2009


Onyx Fat-pack!

Group only colour!

Onyx in Teal

Onyx in Rust

Onyx in Purple

Onyx in Red

So, I've been on this dark, mysterious kick lately. Not sure why, just have been, so needless to say I've been looking around the grid of nice dark, classy, detailed clothing.....until Ghani dropped these two outfits called Onyx on me!

First up we have the male version of Onyx. It's dark, it's mysterious and it's stunning. The entire outfit is hand-drawn, personally sculpted and done with perfect attention to detail. I really like the perfect balance between delicate and masculine in the outfit, the curves give it a smooth, tailored look where as the outfit as a whole just screams power and confidence. The laced eyelets on the chest and waist really top the outfit off, sorta of a sense of finalization. Like buttoning that last button on a shirt in the morning.
Any man on the grid is sure to look breathtaking in this one.


Group colour!

Onyx in Red

Onyx in Purple

Onyx in Rust

Onyx in Teal

Up next we have the female version of Onyx, one I have not taken off since the release. It's hand-drawn, personally sculpted and put together perfectly. I simply adore this outfit! I love the oldworld flare; the small bustles in the back, the delicate bows that adorn them, the corset top, the ruffled collar and the details on the top's edge! Just love it! What I love most about it is that it's so powerful looking. Sort of gives a woman that "I'm in charge" look, and look sexy doing it! The textures are beautiful, the sculpts are refined, and the layers are seamless! Any woman in this outfit is sure to turn heads.

Both outfits can be found at the +++Blue Blood+++ Mainstore. Group members get 50% off the fat packs that include the group only colour! You can find those in the group section downstairs!


Onyx: Male
Hair: Discord
Skin: Den Dou
Poses: Oracul

Onyx Female:
Hair: Draconic Kiss
Skin: Nomine
Shoes: Unique Needs

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alvena Weezles our new Winner.

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Alvena Weezles a wonderful young women who loves style and fashion.

Moniquea: How did you hear about the contest at Blue Bloods?

Alvena: I'm in the +++BB+++ update group and when Ghanima sent off the notice about the flickr contest, i decided to try my amateur photography skills :)

Moniquea: What styles do you prefer?

Alvena: Emo gothic lolita suits me best.

Moniquea: What can you not live with out in SL?

Alvena: he imagination of designers~! The wonderful creative designs that they come out with boggles the mind.

Moniquea: Do you have any ideas of Suggestions Ghani could use in the store?

Alvena: Like the previous winner of the flickr contest, Kyra Pfeffer said, maybe a little bit more risque outfits. Don't get me wrong, i love the demure lolita look, but sometimes, this dolly wants to be bad :)

Moniquea: well thanks Alvena for your time and for supporting Blue Bloods.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Delicious Rebellion

Rebellious fatpack.

Group only colour!

Rebellious in Purple

Rebellious in Pink!!!

Rebellious in Red.

Rebellious in Teal!

Rebellion never looked so good.....

I've been wearing this dress for a while now and I seriously don't want to take it off. I love it! When I first saw the ad for this particular outfit my immediate thought was the socks are fabulous, and when I put the outfit on and had a closer look at it I absolutely fell in love with the detailing. The tiny ruffles on the sleeves, the ever so delicate hand drawn ribbons and eyelets just under the bust line, the sides of the sleeves and the skirt. The little accessory pieces such as the bow on the neckline, the tiny little circles with crosses in them that sit upon the front and back of the delicately made and placed. The entire outfit is hand drawn, from the neckline to the toes on the socks! You can get yourself one in all of the colours at the +++Blue Blood+++ main store. And! If you are a group member you can purchase the fatpack, that includes the black version of the dress, for 50% off in the group members section of the store! Happy shopping! -Andel

Skin and shoes: Nomine

Hair: House of Munster *HOM*

Poses: *Leafy*

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Ann in Teal.

Ann in Puuurple.

Ann in Red. Hot!

Ann in Pink.

Ann in Black. Group only colour!

Sorry for the late post! My main computer had to be sent off to get fixed and I am on one that is super slow, so I apologize for the late post on the new release.

Any-who! So there is a new addition to the store this week, an outfit called Ann, which was created with her dear friend Ann Otoole in mind. The outfit comes in 5 yummy colours and plenty of detail. The texturing for this particular outfit really popped out at me, I really like how the stripes stop just below the bust line and yet still somewhat flow into the rest of the corset type waist, I think it gives it a more tailored, form fitting look. Another part that I love are the shorts prim attachments! I love it because you can wear the outfit with the skirt or without! I do adore the skirt though, I've always liked the open front skirts, something about them just makes a woman look more empowered. And if I do say so myself, the outfit just wouldn't feel complete without the gloves or the stockings, I absolutely love the length of them. Very sexy. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous and a must have for any woman on the grid.

As usual, the fat pack can be found for 50% off in the group area of the +++Blue Blood+++ main store which includes the black coloured outfit which is a group exclusive colour! They are absolutely beautiful!


Skin: Nomine

Boots: Dilly Dolls

Hair: *HOM* House of Munster

Poses: Leafy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dresses, jewelry, cuteness, oh my!

So, ok, what is this? Another post!? Yes, another post, with yet MORE adorableness and hotness.

So, Ghani (+++Blue Blood+++) and Ann Otoole (from Unique Needs) have teamed up to bring you guys some awesome gifts. Each store has 8 lucky boards and one midnight mania board for you all to stalk and click! In those boards you will find the following! The beautiful dresses can be found at +++Blue Blood+++ and the stunning jewlery is from Unique Needs. AND, on the same sim! So you don't even have to teleport!

+++Blue Blood+++
Go get them!

All the jewlery can be found in the Lucky Boards at Unique Needs.

AAAND!!!! Even the midnight manias match one another! The dress is, once again, from +++Blue Blood+++ and the Jewlery set is from Unique Needs. But you better hurry because the boards are filling up fast!

What are you waiting for?

Hair: Curio
Skin: Nomine