Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Black Bacchanal is about to begin!

That's right, the Black Bacchanal is back - or it will be at 10:00 am today. As always, it only lasts a few days, so let's take a look at the brand new items Ghani has made for you.

First up is Fae, a fun, fairy-like dress made especially for the Black Bacchanal. The system parts come on all possible layers, and the skirt is half sculpted and half feathery and flexy. It comes in four colors for L$113 each.

Tale is the L$13 Gacha item for the Bacchanal. It comes in four colors and is transfer, so you can trade to get the colors you want. Tale is a mural dress - it features a hand-drawn and painted fairy scene on the skirt. As always, the system parts come on all layers. Enjoy!

Dress - Fae by Blue Blood for the Black Bacchanal
Hair by lamb
Skin by Sweets Party
Shoes by Bax Coen
Poses by Shiseido

Dress - Tale by Blue Blood for the Black Bacchanal
Hair by Magika and Cobrahive
Skin by F'd Up
Shoes by Bax Coen
Poses by Shiseido

+++Blue Blood+++ Woeful Wednesday - Katrina

Yep, for the third week, Blue Blood is part of Woeful Wednesday starting at midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow night (basically on *Wednesday* lol). This time, Ghani has three dresses for you - each for only L$50.

Katrina Dark

Katrina Bloody

Katrina White

After Wednesday, Katrina will still be available, but for L$100 each, so get yours at Blue Blood while the price is right!

Dresses by Blue Blood
Shoes by Bax Coen
Skin by Nightshade
Poses by Oracul

+++Blue Blood+++ Twisted Hunt Preview

Blue Blood is once again in the Twisted Hunt - that hair-pulling, eye-straining hunt that will drive you insane! But you do it coz the prizes are awesome, right? The hunt starts tomorrow, and this is what you can get at Blue Blood if you can find that tiny little cube.

That's right - you get two outfits in the same box - one for boys and one for girls. Happy hunting!

Outfits by Blue Blood
Hair by Magika (female), Deviant Kitties (male)
Skin by Sweets Party (female)/Den-Dou (male)
Shoes by Bax Coen (female)
Boots by kboots (male)
Poses by Leafy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another New Release for You!

Yep, another new release! Ghani's on *fire* I tell you!

These are the V Vests - another J-Rock inspired creation that is unisex shaded so that the boys can enjoy them, too. They come in four "wornout" colors - black, purple, teal, and wine - and they're on every layer for easy mixing and matching with other items in your inventory. Best of all - they're only L$99! Enjoy!

Pants by Deviance
Skins by F'd Up (female) and Buried (male)
Hair by Discord (female) and Buried (male)
Poses by Oracul

Saturday, August 28, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Glam Jackets

Ghani has made some J-Rock inspired jackets. The Glam Jackets come in four colors and are specially priced at only L$99. Just like the previously released Carmilla lingerie, these can be mixed and matched with a variety of Blue Blood or other pants, skirts, and accessories. The system parts come on every possible layer.

The Glam Jackets work well for androgynous male avatars as well since the prim parts are modifiable. Get yours today at Blue Blood!

Jackets by +++Blue Blood+++
Pants by Deviance
Hair by Cobrahive
Skin by F'd Up
Poses by AnaLu

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Keep and Gift - Carmilla

Ooooo Ghani made lingerie! Goth lingerie, of course! It's named Carmilla and it's the latest Keep and Gift item. You know what that means. It's already bargain-priced at L$100, plus you get two for that price - one to keep and another to give to a friend.

And if you're an impoverished little avatar, you can go in "halfsies" with a friend and get the outfit for only L$50 each. It's a nice way to "sex up" your avatar, still be goth, and save some lindens. Get yours at +++Blue Blood+++ today!

Lingerie by +++Blue Blood+++
Hair by Magika
Skin by F'd Up
Shoes by Bax Coen
Poses by Leafy

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ Woeful Wednesday - Morte Bella

Tomorrow is Woeful Wednesday again and once again you can get a genuine Blue Blood dress at a bargain price - L$50. Ghani has made a creepy kawaii dress called Morte Bella, which features what I like to call a deranged frog prince motif on the skirt. Take a look.

And here's yours truly in the same outfit. Hee hee.

The boots are also by Blue Blood, but are *not* included with the dress, of course. The skirt features a delicious little black lacy trim/underskirt, all hand drawn and painted by Ms. Uriza in her inimitable fashion. Like what you see? Get it only tomorrow, Woeful Wednesday, at Blue Blood. After that, the price goes up to L$100.

On Ghani:
Dress - +++Blue Blood+++ - Morte Bella for Woeful Wednesday
Shoes - Bax Coen
Skin - Trap
Hair - Junwave
Poses - Oracul

On Des:
Boots - +++Blue Blood+++ - Lovely Goth Boots
Bracelet - Ticky Tacky
Hair - ploom
Earrings - LouLou&Co.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woeful Wednesday One Day Deal

There's a new sale in town - Woeful Wednesday - and for today only you can get this lovely goth babydoll dress for only L$50. After that, it will be available for L$100.


Dress by Blue Blood - Lorelei

Boots by Bax

Skin by Nightshade

Hair by Magika

Poses by "SHISEIDo?"

Friday, August 13, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Lucky Board Outfits - Amelia

It's time for new Lucky Board outfits - yay! This time Ghani has made the cutest little bloomers and top outfit.

There's the fatpack of colors that you can win (one by one) if your letter comes up. Remember there is more than one board and they're set on very short timers! Here's the pink version - a nice closeup so you can see.

As always the textures are gorgeous and hand painted - no flat colors here, guys. And all this quality workmanship is free if you have the patience to wait for your letter. Even better, if you don't have the patience, you can buy the fatpack for the low price of L$200. Find them in the lucky board room to the right as you leave the entry foyer. You can also find the L$50 offers and older gacha machines there. Good luck, everyone!

Outfits by Blue Blood
Skin by Trap
Hair by Magika
Shoes by Heart & Sole
Glasses by Cobrahive
Poses by Oracul

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Fantasy

Hello, everyone! It's time for a new release from Blue Blood. Ghani has made a beautiful outfit called Fantasy in her usual gazillion colors, and this time, the outfit includes boots!

Fantasy - Dark Goth Red

Fantasy - Dark Goth Fatpack

Fantasy - White Goth Pink

Fantasy - White Goth Fatpack

The group only colors are Dark Goth Black and White Goth Blue. Group members also receive 50% off fatpacks. Look at the shine on those fabric textures - gorgeous! You know you need these. Hee hee.. Get yours at Blue Blood today!


Outfits and Boots by Blue Blood

Skin by Nomine

Hair by Deviant Kitties

Poses by Oracul

Friday, August 6, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Lovely Goth *Boots*!

That's right, as promised, Ghani has released more boots! You can still get the limited edition blue green boots made for the Silent Lion Troupe at the store for a few more days. But now you can get more colors, and the price is still amazing - only L$100 a pair.

They come in black, red, pink, purple, and brown, matching the Blue Blood palette. They are perfect for any lolita dress with their kawaii rounded edges and heart motif. The Lovely Goth Boots come with an alpha layer for those who are using the newer viewers, as well as invisiprims for those who aren't. These boots are 100% original, lovingly made by Ms. Uriza - the sculpts and the textures. They're modifiable so you can get a perfect fit, copy yes, transfer no. At this price, you can afford to get several pairs! So get yours today!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ for Silent Lion Troupe - New Boots!

That's right, I said *boots*! Ghani has applied her inimitable texturing and sculpting skills to boots! Kawaii gothy boots! All personally made by Ms. Uriza, of course. This one is a limited edition, specially priced pair only available for one week for the Silent Lion Troupe. After that, it will never be sold again.

More colors will be coming out soon, specially made to match the +++Blue Blood+++ clothing palette. The price for this blue-green pair is only L$75 - quite the bargain! Ghani was inspired by Asian bound feet, and it's perfect for lolita dresses. Get yours at +++Blue Blood+++ before they're gone forever! Here's your limo!