Friday, August 6, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Lovely Goth *Boots*!

That's right, as promised, Ghani has released more boots! You can still get the limited edition blue green boots made for the Silent Lion Troupe at the store for a few more days. But now you can get more colors, and the price is still amazing - only L$100 a pair.

They come in black, red, pink, purple, and brown, matching the Blue Blood palette. They are perfect for any lolita dress with their kawaii rounded edges and heart motif. The Lovely Goth Boots come with an alpha layer for those who are using the newer viewers, as well as invisiprims for those who aren't. These boots are 100% original, lovingly made by Ms. Uriza - the sculpts and the textures. They're modifiable so you can get a perfect fit, copy yes, transfer no. At this price, you can afford to get several pairs! So get yours today!

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