Wednesday, June 30, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ Black Bacchanal

The Black Bacchanal is here again and Ghani has made two beautiful outfits - a L$13 Gacha dress and a L$113 special dress. Jamie is an EGL dress that comes in four colors - teal, purple, red, and ocre - for only L$113 each.

Vintage is the L$13 Gacha offering - just look at that pretty, tiered, ruffled skirt - that comes in four colors. Do you notice anything different about the colors? That's right - these are brand new colors for the +++Blue Blood+++ palette. Of course, Vintage is transferable in case you get multiple copies of the same color and want to trade with friends. It's a fantastic deal!

Vintage and Jamie are only available until midnight Saturday, July 3, at the Black Bacchanal, located at Love/Hate here. Read more about the Bacchanal at Love/Hate's blog here.

Dresses by +++Blue Blood+++
Hair by lamb
Skin by Nomine
Shoes by Bax Coen
Poses by Oracul

Thursday, June 24, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Shiver

Ghani has a new release for +++Blue Blood+++ fans - Shiver. Ooooo good name, no? And for only 24 hours you can get the whitegoth blue at a bargain price in the Riotvendor.

Shiver also comes in darkgoth black, ocre, purple, red, and teal, and in whitegoth black and white, lilac, pink, and white. Take a look...

Darkgoth black - this is the group only color.

Darkgoth Ocre

Darkgoth Purple

Darkgoth Red

Darkgoth Teal

Whitegoth Black and White

Whitegoth Lilac - the group only whitegoth color

Whitegoth Pink

Whitegoth White

As usual, fatpacks are 50% off for group members. You know the quality, you love the style, so get your copy of Ghani's latest creations today. :)

Outfits by +++Blue Blood+++
Skin by Nightshade
Hair by Magika
Shoes by Beauty Killer
Poses by Oracul

Monday, June 21, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Rachel

Today's new release is a bargain hunter's dream - four cute gothic lolita dresses for only $L15 each. That's right, Ghani has put the new release, Rachel, in the Gacha machine.

Rachel comes in pink, teal, purple, and red, and is no copy/transfer so that you can trade with your friends to get all the colors. Also, don't forget that the limited edition black and white Rachel is still in the Click Wars game. Will you be lucky enough to win it?


Dresses by +++Blue Blood+++

Hair by Gauze

Shoes by Bax Coen

Skin by Nomine

Poses by AnaLu Fresh Poses

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Click Wars Prize - Limited Edition Rachel in Black & White

Ghani has put a brand new little black and white dress in the Click Wars game. As you know, this is a very limited time/quantity freebie. It takes persistence and luck to win the dress. Your reward is that you will have a dress that very, very few other people will have - for absolutely nothing but your time! So, if that appeals to you, keep your eyes peeled to the group notices to find out when the next Click Wars begins. Look how cute this dress is (click to make it ginormous).

How long will it be available? Not even Ghani herself knows. It'll stay until she has a new release to replace it with. Oh, and, a little bird told me that tomorrow more colors of Rachel will be available. So stay tuned. :)


Dress - +++Blue Blood +++ - Rachel - Black and White

Hair - !lamb - Sleepyhead - Ink (new!)

Skin - ATOMIC - Grace - Porcelain - Red Silk 1 (worn with breast enhancement)

Necklace - Violet Voltaire - Cake or Death - Death Necklace

Bracelet - Schadenfreude - Skull Electro-Cute Bracelet

Earrings - Violet Voltaire - Melancholy - Black

Boots - !Drakke! - Strapped Ankle Boots - Black (MM)

(warning - mature area)

Nailpolish - Adam n Eve - Fantasy Drow Manicure Evil

Eyes - TULI - Gem Eyes - Sapphire (worn with Poetic Colors Eye Lights)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Simone

Today's new release is Simone, a lovely gothic lolita dress with a plethora of wear options and loads of custom made sculpts and hand-drawn textures in Ghani's inimitable EGL style.

Simone Teal

Simone Whitegoth Fatpack

Simone Fatpack

Simone Whitegoth Pink

Until tonight only, you can get the black and white version of Simone in the Riotvend. After that you can only get it if you're a member of the Blue Blood group. So, don't delay! Hurry on over to Blue Blood and flash mob that vendor!

Glasses - Cobrahive
Shoes - Bax Coen
Poses - Oracul

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Survey about SL

My class and I are currently studying how people in SL bond, how they form groups, how they make friends. Our idea is that this does not happen differently from RL, but to be able to prove it, we are runnin a poll, to be answered by both, SL users and non-SL users. Results will be later compared. Thank you SO mcuh for your cooperation, it means a lot to us.

Click here for the Survey

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Vix Keep and Gift

Today's new release is another Keep and Gift outfit. You know what that means. The outfits cost only L$100 and are unisex and transferable. Vix is also cute as can be, too.

Vix comes in red, teal, black, purple, and ochre. As you can see from the pic, Vix is a pants outfit that has several wear options, such as the top with a sash, or the more unusual asymmetrical scarf around the waist. There's also a sculpted collar, sleeve cuffs, and pants cuffs. Any way you wear it, don't forget to share it with a friend.

Outfits - +++Blue Blood+++ - Vix
Poses - Oracul
On Boi Ghani:
Skin - Buries
On Ghani:
Skin - Pink Fuel
Hair and Glasses - Cobrahive

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hurry Hurry! Time's Running Out!

I wanted to show you all what you'll miss if you wait even a little bit. Ghani has put the black and white version (a group only version) of her new release, Steel Rose in the Riotvend for only 24 hours. It started yesterday, so do the math - that's right.. go now! Look how awesome it is! And I'm not even showing you the lingerie version... trust me, it's sexah!

I'll be posting more photos of Steel Rose on my blog soon. So come visit. :)

Outfit - +++Blue Blood+++ - Steel Rose - Whitegoth Black and White
Hair - Nightshade - Lenore - Snow
Earrings - Violet Voltaire - Melancholy - White
Skin - Tuli - Jade - Tone 1/li - 10c
Boots - G Field - Short Lace-up Boots - White
Eyes - Amacci - Real Eyes - Winter
Lashes - Amacci - Charm Black

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Steel Rose - and One Day Mobvend

Hello, everyone, apologies for posting this so late, but SL has been really mean to me all day. :( Anyway, Ghani has released a gorgeous new outfit for us - Steel Rose, her most versatile outfit yet. Each outfit has so many combinations - it’s insane! It can be worn as an adorable dress and also as a very, very sexy lingerie set! Now every piece is made to be worn separately as well if you want to, and it comes on every possible layer, as well as a set of layers of all clothing combined into one. That way you can make sure to get the most for your money! So.. sexy style, custom sculpts, beautiful, and hand-drawn textures, created with lots of love... what are you waiting for?

Ghani in Steel Rose - Darkgoth Ocre

Ghani in Steel Rose Darkgoth Fatpack

Ghani in Steel Rose - Whitegoth Fatpack

Ghani in Steel Rose, Whitegoth Pink

But wait, that's not all! For today only, you can get the limited edition, group only Whitegoth Black and White in the Riotvend for the low price of L$50 if you can gather enough friends and acquaintances together to get the price to drop. So, what are you waiting for? Get to +++Blue Blood+++ now!


Outfits - +++Blue Blood+++ - Steel Rose
Hair - Magika
Shoes - Bax Coen
Poses - Oracul

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Day Only Riotvend +++Blue Blood+++

This is a public service announcement to the goth community of Second Life. ;) But seriously, Ghani has put her latest new release, Colette - the darkgoth red one - in the Riotvendor for *one day only*. This is your only chance to get this lovely dress for L$50 instead of L$300. I'm not going to clog the feeds with photos since there are already photos on this blog and on my (Desiree's) blog. Take a gander at the dress here or here. Click the links; you know you want to.

Oh, and don't forget that there are plenty more bargains at the store. The Click Wars for the limited edition of ArtLover in white is still in progress - only until tomorrow. The Lucky Boards are filled with a gazillion other colors of ArtLover, and Maiden is still in the Midnight Mania board for your clicking pleasure. So visit +++Blue Blood+++ today!