Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hurry Hurry! Time's Running Out!

I wanted to show you all what you'll miss if you wait even a little bit. Ghani has put the black and white version (a group only version) of her new release, Steel Rose in the Riotvend for only 24 hours. It started yesterday, so do the math - that's right.. go now! Look how awesome it is! And I'm not even showing you the lingerie version... trust me, it's sexah!

I'll be posting more photos of Steel Rose on my blog soon. So come visit. :)

Outfit - +++Blue Blood+++ - Steel Rose - Whitegoth Black and White
Hair - Nightshade - Lenore - Snow
Earrings - Violet Voltaire - Melancholy - White
Skin - Tuli - Jade - Tone 1/li - 10c
Boots - G Field - Short Lace-up Boots - White
Eyes - Amacci - Real Eyes - Winter
Lashes - Amacci - Charm Black

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