Wednesday, June 30, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ Black Bacchanal

The Black Bacchanal is here again and Ghani has made two beautiful outfits - a L$13 Gacha dress and a L$113 special dress. Jamie is an EGL dress that comes in four colors - teal, purple, red, and ocre - for only L$113 each.

Vintage is the L$13 Gacha offering - just look at that pretty, tiered, ruffled skirt - that comes in four colors. Do you notice anything different about the colors? That's right - these are brand new colors for the +++Blue Blood+++ palette. Of course, Vintage is transferable in case you get multiple copies of the same color and want to trade with friends. It's a fantastic deal!

Vintage and Jamie are only available until midnight Saturday, July 3, at the Black Bacchanal, located at Love/Hate here. Read more about the Bacchanal at Love/Hate's blog here.

Dresses by +++Blue Blood+++
Hair by lamb
Skin by Nomine
Shoes by Bax Coen
Poses by Oracul

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