Tuesday, December 27, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ Presents Rogue

The latest release from +++Blue Blood+++ is Rogue, a sexy latex and leather outfit.  Rogue is crafted to be bold and sexy, and comes with a sexy latex mask that covers the skull, shoulders, and chest.  The mask is fashioned separately on the tattoo layer so you can choose whether to wear it or not.  Take a look at Rogue in red.

As you can see, Rogue features an open-sided leather skirt, a bit reminiscent of silks, and a sculpted low slung belt.  As always, every piece is full functional on its own, so you can mix and match the pieces with other outfits if you wish.  Here's a pic of the fatpack for your viewing pleasure. :)

Rogue comes in the usual Blue Blood palette of teal, black, red, pink, and purple.  Grab the limo below to nab yours today!

Outfit by +++Blue Blood+++
Skin by Matrioska
Hair by Raw House
Shoes by *DL*
Poses by Status

Thursday, December 22, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ Presents - Annabelle

As I mentioned in the last post, Ghani not only released three new skins recently, but also a new gown.  The new Annabelle gown is a sexy gothic dragon skin outfit, covered in tiny scales.  Take a look.

The corset also features hand drawn tribal art, and the skirt is burlesque style with leather details.  Gorgeous!

Annabelle comes in the usual Blue Blood colors of red, black, purple, and teal, as well as pink.  Don't you love how the new Matrioska Celina skin complements this dress?  If so, you know where to go!  Grab your limo below!

Dress by +++Blue Blood+++
Skin by Matrioska
Hair by Magika
Poses by Status

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Skins at Matrioska Doll Skins

Have you been wondering what's up with the blog?  Well, the resident blog updater was lost in RL, working her poor self to death.  But I'm back and boy, has Ghani been busy, too.  She has three new skins and a new dress for your shopping pleasure.

The first is the Porcelain skin, a sad doll skin with runny mascara and ruby lips.  The skin also comes with non-dripping mascara and with or without the parted-lips look.

The next skin release is the Melancholy Skin, a very pale skin with golden blush and colorful eye makeup, perfect for a fantasy look.  Ghani looks so cute in this skin, doesn't she?!

And last, but certainly not least, is the new Celina skin.  This skin is very goth with the chiseled cheekbones, dramatic eyebrows and liner, fiery eye shadow, and glossy red lipstick.  Both Melancholy and Celina also come with closed or parted lips.  Don't forget to try a demo before purchasing!  Here's your limo to Matrioska!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ Presents - Coppelia

In case you haven't heard, Ghani released a beautiful new gown called Coppelia a couple of days ago.  I apologize for not updating the blog in a more timely fashion.  In any case, you *must* take a look at Coppelia!

This is another +++Blue Blood+++ dress that must be experienced to be truly appreciated, as the dress includes details that are quite intricate.  These original goth dresses feature burlesque skirts with an open front and bustle, sexy black feathers, and tribal designs.  Whether you're in the mood for goth clubbing, role playing, or if you're just looking for a dress that will leave you breathless, Coppelia is sure to please!

Coppelia is available in black, pink, purple, red, and teal, as shown above. Your limo awaits!


* Outfits by +++Blue Blood+++
* Skin by Matrioska
* Hair by Magika
* Shoes by Mon Tissu
* Poses by Status

Sunday, November 27, 2011

[Matrioska] New Release - Carmen and Domina Skins

Matrioska Doll Skins, Blue Blood's new skin store, is pleased to announce the release of two new skins - Carmen and Domina.

As the ad states, Carmen comes with or without the pretty pink tattoo and with or without teeth.  The tattoo version allows you to wear one of Ghani's beautiful textures directly on your body, not just on your clothes. With its colorful eyebrows and eye shadow, Carmen makes a wonderful fantasy skin.

The Domina skins are perfect gothic skins, with dark eyes, your choice of black or red lipstick, and heavy contouring on the cheekbones for that gaunt look.  You can also choose either a teeth or no teeth option.  Hope you like!  Your limo awaits!

Skins by [Matrioska]
Clothing by +++Blue Blood+++
Gloves by Gauze
Hair by Magika

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Dahlia

Yes, another new release!  And it's a dark gothic release, too!  Today Blue Blood presents Dahlia, a dark gothic gown with three skirt options.

Dahlia is a dark and alluring line of outfits made of delicate, sexy leather. Its bold design is much more than what you can see in the posters.  Not only does it come with three different skirts - an open skirt, a smooth, long skirt, and a frilled long skirt - it also comes with a sexy secret option that can't be shown on this PG blog. :D  You'll just have to discover it for yourself!  As always, all the pieces can be worn separately because all parts of the outfit are fully finished. 

Dahlia comes in five beautiful jewel-tone colors - black, teal, dark pink, red, and purple.  Have you been craving new, high-quality gothic attire?  Well, your limo awaits!

Outfits by +++Blue Blood+++
Hair by lamb
Skin by Romi Skin
Boots by Nightshade Designs

Saturday, November 19, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Kirsten

+++Blue Blood+++ is thrilled to announce the release of a new, all-goth, dark and sexy line of outfits called "Kirsten."   Each outfit features a leather corset buckled up front, an open front skirt, and beautiful stockings with sexy garters.

Gorgeous, isn't it?  Kirsten marks the return of dark gothic attire at +++Blue Blood+++, a return to the roots of Blue Blood.  The dress features delicate, semi-transparent lace covering the bodice, just enough to leave some things to the imagination - so sexy!  The burlesque style open front skirt features the same delicate lace.  The bustle of the burlesque skirt is made of the softest, most supple leather.

Kirsten comes in five jewel-tone colors - green, black, purple, fuschia, and red.  Get yours at +++Blue Blood+++ today!


Outfits by +++Blue Blood+++
Skin by Redgrave
Boots by Mon Tissu
Hair by lamb

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Kitten!

It's new release day at +++Blue Blood+++, and today Ghani has for you a girly little puff-sleeved dress called Kitten.  As the name suggests, there is indeed a kitten on the dress - on the bottom of the skirt.

This is the lovely hot pink version.  The dress features a cowl neckline, a white ribbon belt, and those adorable bell sleeves.  As always, Ghani hasn't overlooked the little details - she's included gloves with cuffs that mimic the lines of the dress, little buttons on the collar and sleeves, polka dotted stockings and long sleeves, and a fully finished underwear layer - notice the ruched embellishment on the panties, shown above.

Here are the rest of the available colors for Kitten - black, teal, red, and purple.

Get yours at the +++Blue Blood+++ main store today!  Grab your taxi below.


Outfits by +++Blue Blood+++
Hair by lamb
Shoes by Nightshade

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release - Whitegoth Frilly Death

+++Blue Blood+++ is pleased to bring you the latest lovely lolita-style dress - Frilly Death, now in five beautiful white goth colors.

This is the Whitegoth white version, and just like the previously released dark colors, Frilly Death is adorned with little black skullls all over the skirt and one on the jacket.  You also get fully functional underwear, including painstakingly matched seams on the stripey stockings.  Here are the other whitegoth colors...

If you're anything like me, you can't wait to log in and grab these so you can watch your avatar transform through Ghani's inimitable art.  Grab the taxi below!

Outfits by +++Blue Blood+++
Skin by Matrioska Doll Skins
Hair by Magika
Shoes by Nightshade
Eyes by Gauze

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Matrioska Doll Skins!

+++Blue Blood+++ is excited to announce the beginning of a brand new line of skins - Matrioska Dolls Skins.  Ghani has made three skins, perfect for fantasy role players and others who enjoy a dolly or kawaii look.  Without further ado, here they are!

The skins come with two options - with and without teeth.  They are available in the new Matrioska annex at the +++Blue Blood+++ mainstore.  Please try the demos before purchasing!  Here's your taxi!

- Inocencia Skin:
Skin by Matrioska Doll Skins
Hair by Truth
Clothing by +++Blue Blood+++
Cyber gloves by g.Love

- Kawaii Skin: 
Skin by Matrioska Doll Skins
Hair by lamb
Clothing by +++Blue Blood+++
Collar by Cobrahive

- Fae Skin: 
Skin by Matrioska Doll Skins
Hair by Truth
Clothing by +++Blue Blood+++

Friday, October 21, 2011

+++Blue Blood+++ Halloween Special!

Hello, everyone, Desiree here to update you all on the latest releases from +++Blue Blood+++. Today, Ghani released a Halloween Special - it's Bloody Amethyst, and it's available with matching hair and skin. Yep, I said *skin*! Ghani has finally turned her amazing texturing skills to skin making. I was wondering when she would do that!

Bloody Amethyst is a sweet, pink and white babydoll dress besplattered with blood. If you know Ghani's textures, you know that the blood is very realistic! The skin is an innocent doll skin with vibrant pink cheeks and eyeshadow. But to match the dress, the skin is scratched, stitched, and bloody all over! The dress is available for only L$150, the hair for L$80, and the skin, which comes with two options - with or without teeth - for only L$100. Please try the demo.

I'll be back later with more updates, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here's your taxi to +++Blue Blood+++.

Dress - +++Blue Blood+++ - Bloody Amethyst
Skin - +++Blue Blood+++ - Bloody Amethyst Bloody Stitched Skin
Hair - +++Blue Blood+++ - Yuki Hair - Black - Bloody Amethyst Edition
Shoes by Dilly Dolls

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blue Blood has released "Secret", a line of very delicate and intrincate Gothic Lolita dresses. Each oufit comes with 3 skirt options plus 3 top options!

The light colors come in a delicate series of combinations of white and pastel colors, aren't they just adorable? you would definitely look like a magical doll in these!

Click here to go to Blue Blood! 

Outfits by Blue Blood
Hair by lamb
Skin by Redgrave
Shoes by Mon Tissu / Dilly Dolls
Poses by Oracul / Status / LAP / Glitterati

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blue Blood: twisted Gifts! for male and female

Blue Blood has two lovely Gifts out for the Twisted Hunt Fall 2011

One for female and one for male:

The female gift is the lovely purple dress you see in the pictures, while the male is the matching coat!

Click here to go to Blue Blood!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blue Blood Strapped BodySuits!

The Sigyn bodysuits by Blue Blood are hand drawn, sexy and realistic

each set comes with two wearable options: with colors and straps only.

get these and much more at Blue Blood mainstore


Outfits: Blue Blood
Hairs: Lamb
Poses: Oracul
Shoes: Nightshade
Skin: Redgrave

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blue Blood: Gifts!

Blue Blood has some new gifts out!
first let's see the new luckyboard gifts:

these cutesies come in 10 colors and are available at the Blue Blood Mainstore only and FOR FREE, top floor (luckies area is by the windows, when you turn from the stairs).

The group can also get this one

the all-black colored one is in a special group only vendor, available for free also, by the reception desp, also at the Mainstore location only. Remember to wear your group tag to get it.

The Group Luckyboard also has a new gift! and it's this:

it's a special edition color of a full priced outfit. No lite editions here girls!!this color will *never ever* be sold, so the only chance to have it is to stalk the luckyboard during the time it will be in it.

Good luck getting all of this, it's made with love, in return for choosing Blue Blood!

Click here to TP to Blue Blood Mainstore


Outfits by Blue Blood
Skins by Rosy Mood
Makeups by Miss Shippe's Studio
Footwear (the one that kind of shows) by Blue Galaxy
Hairs by Lamb
Poses by Love me Brutal and STATUS

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blue Blood's Goth Dollies

Blue Blood just released the Goth Dolly set of dresses. They are a lovely hand drawn shiny-like-vinyl dresses with a gothic lolita touch.

They include 2 skirts, 2 tops plus all clothing layers on all possible layers for you to match them any way you like.

you can get them either in solid or combined colors... super adorable!!!

Find them at Blue Blood Mainstore


For Solid Dresses:

Dress by Blue Blood
Hair by Magika
Skin by Curio
Pose by Oracul
Boots by Mon Tissu

For Combined Colors Dresses:

Dress by Blue Blood
Hair by Mikan
Skin by Rosy Mood
Pose by Dare
Boots by Bax

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Colorful Gothic Lolita

Blue Blood just released the combined colors set of the Berenice Dresses. Take a look:

they are all hand drawn and come with 2 skirts and two tops, plus sculpt parts and all clothing layers on all possible layers for you to miss and match them in whatever way you want =)

Get them at Blue Blood Mainstore

* Dress: Blue Blood
* Skin: Pink Fuel
* Eyes: Gauze
* Hair: Mikan
* Poses: Status
* Shoes: Mon Tissu

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue Blood: Berenice & Elvira

Blue Blood just released "Berenice" a classic gothic lolita dresses set, each of which includes 2 skirt, two tops plus each clothing item in all possible clothing layers, so you can combine them.

Colors available: pink/black/rust/red/teal

Remember that if you are a group member you have access to getting the group only color plus 50% off the purchase of all fatpacks!

Get them at Blue Blood Mainstore

Blue Blood also released (a few days ago) the Elvira Gothic Tights sets. There are two sets available: solid and combined colors, and each set includes a sculpted belt with skulls:

Get them at Blue Blood Mainstore


Dress/Tights: Blue Blood
Skin: Pink Fuel (on Berenice) - Trap (on Elvira)
Eyes: Gauze
Hair: Mikan (on Berenice) - Magika (on Elvira)
Poses: Oracul
Footwear: Bax (on Berenice) - Mon Tissu (on Elvira)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

PinUp Style Lingerie

Blue Blood released 2 packs of beautifully hand drawn PinUp style lingerie sets.
Each set includes: panties (with holders), socks, bra, waist cover.

Each pack includes 4 colors, one with solid colors, other contains combined sets.
And the best part of it... the pack costs only 200L! (50L a pair!)

Get them at Blue Blood Mainstore

* PinUp Lingerie by Blue Blood
* Skin by EoS
* Flats by Mon Tissu
* Hair by Dilly Dolls
* Poses by Oracul