Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue Blood: Berenice & Elvira

Blue Blood just released "Berenice" a classic gothic lolita dresses set, each of which includes 2 skirt, two tops plus each clothing item in all possible clothing layers, so you can combine them.

Colors available: pink/black/rust/red/teal

Remember that if you are a group member you have access to getting the group only color plus 50% off the purchase of all fatpacks!

Get them at Blue Blood Mainstore

Blue Blood also released (a few days ago) the Elvira Gothic Tights sets. There are two sets available: solid and combined colors, and each set includes a sculpted belt with skulls:

Get them at Blue Blood Mainstore


Dress/Tights: Blue Blood
Skin: Pink Fuel (on Berenice) - Trap (on Elvira)
Eyes: Gauze
Hair: Mikan (on Berenice) - Magika (on Elvira)
Poses: Oracul
Footwear: Bax (on Berenice) - Mon Tissu (on Elvira)

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