Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New things!!

So, I've got a short update! First up I want to show you the newest creation, Circus Freak, just put into the lucky chair at the +++Blue Blood+++ mainstore, they are sooo cute. There are 8 dresses total and the chair time limit is fairly short so bring some friends when you go!

Skin: Nomine

Hair: *HOM* House of Munster

Hooves: Dilly Dolls

Group only colour!

Up next we have the newest release in store called Pristine! (pictures are above). As always the fat pack is 50% off for group members AND the green dress is the special group colour! Both are only available in the group section at +++Blue Blood+++ and you must be wearing your group tag. The other colours are available on the main floor at the mainstore.

SKIN: Nomine

Hair: Curio

Boots: Lethality

P.S.! New Midnight Mania gift called SheDevil! Looove it! (picture above!) Hurry to the +++Blue Blood+++ mainstore and click it!

Hair: Curio
Skin: Nomine

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I had the wonderful joy of meeting and interviewing Kyra a wonderful young women who won the Blue Blood contest.

Moniquea Heartsdale: How did you hear about the contest?

Kyra Pfeffer: I was reading a blog and heard about it so thought why not give it a try. I saw the Store it was wonderful.

Moniquea heartsdale: Yes blue bloods has wonderful stuff and Ghanima is very talented.

Kyra Pfeffer: Yes I got to meet her she is very kind.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Yes she is a great friend full of laughs.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Kyra do you prefer Gothic or alternitive clothing?

Kyra Pfeffer: Gothic, I love Dark places and my fave color is black.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Do you have any ideas or Suggestions for Ghanima?

Kyra Pfeffer: LOL thinking....... Yes be more Daring in her Creations!! I would love to see that.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Thanks Kyra for your time and have a great day. I am glad to have you helping us show of the best of Blue bloods. Have fun and Enjoy our products.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Short update!

So I have a new outfit for you to go get! The outfit is called Freedom, it's cute, it's stunning and hand painted; even the tiny stitches on the fabric are shaded by hand! It comes with two options of skirts, one that is open and one that is a ballgown skirt. If you wear it open you have a cute shorts and back skirt look that I find adorable and if you wear the ballgown you have a regal timeless look. Both are absolutely stunning and come with everything you see, even the boots! And, as always the fatback is 50% off for group members in the group section and there is a special group colour. So get your pixel booties down to the store and get it!

Special Group colour!

Freedom in Purple

Freedom in Pink, yummy!

Freedom in Teal. So pretty.

Freedom in Red!

Hair: House of Munster
Skin: Nomine

That's all I have for now, until next time! -Andel

P.S.: Thank you to all those who bidded on the +++Blue Blood +++ outfits at the RFL fair! The +++Blue Blood+++ auction outfits both raised almost 10K!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Deoridhe Quandry Blue Blood newest contest winner

Today I got the honor of meeting Deoridhe Quandry!! Deoridhe usually appears as a winged faerie wearing a halo. She can seen as a sweet and cute Lolita but Her responses can be emotionally over-exaggarated and dramatic; it's only personal if you want it to be. In the pic Deoridhe is wearing Eyes: Muriel, Diamond
Skin: Doux Petit, Rainbow Love - tone 2
Hair: +DV8+, Venus Wicked Wine - tinted red with added glow
Ears: Illusion, Fairy Ears
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle - tinted magenta
Dress: Blue Blood, Sublime - Pink
Hair Flower: Illusion, Blck Hair Rose
Shoes: Sweeter Than Candy, Dolly Hearts Black Cherry - skully set

Moniquea Heartsdale: So how did you hear about the contest being held at Blue bloods?

Deoridhe Quandry: Through her notices. I've been a member of the group for ages, and took part in the first contest.

Moniquea Heartsdale: that is great I love her stuff and met her by modeling for her.

Deoridhe Quandry: Her stuff is totally fantastic.

Moniquea Heartsdale: I have to totally agree!!

Moniquea Heartsdale: So when your buying her outfits are the for any occasions or RP or just cuz you love them?

Deoridhe Quandry: I buy them mostly just to wear, though I've been thinking I should come up with a roleplaying character that would allow me to change clothes as often as I do when I'm not roleplaying!

Moniquea Heartsdale: LOL so can you tell me a lil more about your Avi and what kind of person she is?

Deoridhe Quandry: I'm a faerie, mostly, and almost always winged and with faerie ears. I really like Gothic Lolita and Sweet Lolita fashion and particularly like poofy skirts and frills like I can't afford offline.
Deoridhe Quandry: I'm not sure what kind of person I am.... I guess, mostly bouncy and friendly.

Moniquea Heartsdale:You sound very energetic and fun to me and that is nice in Sl.

Deoridhe Quandry giggles. "Yeah, this is where I can be really goofy and friendly in a way I can't offline."

Moniquea Heartsdale: I agree here I can be much more open then offline where someone may get in my face and yell if I offend them.

Moniquea Heartsdale: do you have any Ideas or Suggestions you would like to share with Gahni?

Deoridhe Quandry: Hmmm... not really, to be honest. I think she does such fantastic stuff, and is so generous to her group members. I'd be more likely to emulate her than suggest changes!"

Moniquea Heartsdale: Yes she spends hours on outfits just to get them perfect I remember one I think she spent a month on.

Deoridhe Quandry: I can imagine it. One of the fantastic side effects of winning is you walk away with an awesome new outfit to play with. >.>

Moniquea Heartsdale: ~smiles~ yes her work is something to be proud to wear. I am glad we have you to repersent Blue Bloods and help us shine.

Deoridhe Quandry giggles. "Thank so much!"

Moniquea Heartsdale: thanks for allowing me to interview you. it was an Honor to meet you!

Deoridhe Quandry: It was a lot of fun! Thanks for interviewing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As promised I have an update on the auction location!

For the special edition Pink Chastity outfit you can bid here! Remember there will only be TWO on the grid! One that's kept by Ghani and the other that goes to the winner! So get down there and bid!

The auction ends on the 20th of this month at 6pm SL time.

There are also some other +++Blue Blood+++ items up for grabs in the bidding section so look around some! It's for a good cause! 100% of the proceeds go to the RFL: Relay For Life foundation for cancer research.

Monday, June 15, 2009

RFL and New Release!

RFL Fantasy Faire +++Blue Blood+++ booth

RFL item for women and the freebie gift box on the table.

RFL Item for Men

Well today is the day people, the RFL Fantasy Faire started today! Be sure to get down there and visit all the wonderful vendors and shell out some lindens for those RFL only items! I know I am after I finish this post. So, that brings me to what I have for you guys today, first up I've got the two RFL items from +++Blue Blood+++ that you can get at the +++Blue Blood+++ booth at the faire, all proceeds from the two outfits will go directly to Relay For Life for cancer research. There is an item for men and an item for women, they're both stunning, as usual and have detailed prims and hand drawn textures. Also don't forget to grab the +++ Blue Blood+++ freebie dress, made just for the faire, on the table as you walk in and be sure to thank Ghani for it, she's such a generous cutie pie. There is a picture of the dress in the previous blog post. By the way, I'm still waiting on information about the RFL auction for the special edition of Chastity, pictured in the previous blog post, so when I get some info I'll post it. In the mean time get your butts down to the RFL Fantasy Faire and spend some lindens! It's for a good cause!

Up next is the new release, a dress called Unravel! These dresses are absolutely adorable, they are 300L each and if you're a group member you get a 50% off discount when you buy the fatpack! That's 600L for all four of them! If you do want the fatpack and you're a group member be sure to look int he group member section of the store to get it.

Unravel Fatpack

Unravel in Teal

Unravel in Purple

Unravel in Pink

Unravel in Cream


On me:
Hair: ::::Magika::::
Outfit: RFL Item at +++Blue Blood+++ booth called "Beckoning"
Skin: Curio
Shoes: Lya

On Ghani (new release ads):
Hair: *DP* Yum Yum
Skin: Nomine
Dresses: +++Blue Blood+++

Friday, June 12, 2009

RFL Fantasy Fair items!

Ok time for another update! Today, I have two previews for two lovely outfits that you will be able to get from the RFL Fantasy Fair that starts June 15th! The first one is a special pink coloured version of Ghani's Chastity outfit that is going to be auctioned off at the upcoming RFL Fantasy Fair at the +++Blue Blood+++ booth. All the proceeds from the auction will go to help support the RFL foundation. There will only be two copies of the outfit on the SL grid, one that is kept by Ghani and one that she gives to the lucky winner! So if you want the latest Chastity suit in Pink then get those lindens saved up and bid!

The next Item I have for you guys is a beautiful dress that will be given as a freebie at the +++Blue Blood+++ RFL Fantasy Fair booth! If you can't afford to bid on the Chastity suit you can still pick up this wonderful dress. The dress comes with two chest bow options, one pink and the other green. This freebie dress will not be sold in the store,so go down to the fair on the 15th and get it!

NOTE: I will post the RFL slurl and the auction time when that information comes to me so keep watching the blog! -Andel


On Ghani:
Hair: *DP* Yum Yum
Skin: Sweets Party
Shoes: +++Blue Blood+++
Outfit: +++Blue Blood+++ RFL Auction Item.

On me:
Hair: :::::Magika:::::
Skin: Curio
Eyes: *The Stringer Mausoleum* can be found in her upcoming hunt.
Shoes: +++Blue Blood+++ Old freebie. Other colours still avalible in group area at the main store.
Pose: :::Ks2cool:::
Dress: +++Blue Blood+++ RFL Fantasy Fair freebie.

--Please ignore my crappy pic resolution!--

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I do love Chastity.

So, Ghani made some super adorable suits for you guys! Personally, this has got to be my favourite outfit of hers. The colours are just yummy, the sculpts are fantastic and the hand drawn work she's done is just the cherry on top of the icing. They are absolutely beautiful! You can purchase them at the mainstore and if you're part of her in world group you get 50% off the regular price when you purchase the fatpack! That's 4 complete outfits for 600L! So, what are you waiting for? Go get them!

- Andel

Chastity in Purple! Very nice.

Chastity in Teal! So pretty.

Chastity in Red! Hot...

Chastity in Ocre! Yummy...

Get them here at the +++Blue Blood+++ Mainstore.

Credits: Hair - Gauze
Skin- Sweets Party
Poses- AnaLu

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely young women for here interview after she won the contest and I have to say she is very unique indeed. I love meeting people who create there own style and know what they want and go after it and that is something I saw in Ivy. She is working hard to persue her career in Photography.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Hello Ivy is a pleasure to meet you.

Ivy Krautrauch: I am honored anyone wants to interview me.

Moniquea Heartsdale: we are pleased to have you repersent Blue Bloods. How did you hear about the contest?

Ivy Krautrauch: I read a few Blogs and in my Entry for hair fair thought I would let Ghanima know I was wearing one of her dresses!

Moniquea Heartsdale: What dress did you wear?

Ivy Krautrauch: I wore Stuka a plaid Lavender dress with Lavender hair.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Thats a very pretty dress

Ivy Krautrauch: its now in a 50L box at the store.

Moniquea Heartdale: what do you look for in good skin in SL?

Ivy Krautrauch: one thing I look for in skin is how the eyebrows are done,my skintone is very light in RL and a harsh brow can really make me look evil!

Moniquea Heartsdale: I agree

Ivy Krautrauch: so I look for lighter eyebrows, ones that don't look drawn.

Moniquea Heartsdale: wow I think lots need beauty tips from you. You have great advice I like they same things in my skins.

Ivy Krautrauch: lighter brows also go better with a wide variety of haiorcolors.

Moniquea Heartsdale: So I imagine you change your hair lots?

Ivy Krautrauch: yes I am a hair nut!!

Ivy Krautrauch: I have very curly hair in RL.

Moniquea Heartsdale: I have natural curl as well and often flatten it.

Ivy Krautrauch: so I go nuts for cruly & frizzy hair when it is done well.

Ivy Krautrauch: I am putting the wig I have on right now in the hair fair too.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Also puts a note for Gahni to try Curly hair!!

Moniquea Heartsdale: Looks forward to attending the hair fair.

Ivy Krautrauch: For curly hair I like Bishwear and Curve Appeal!!

Ivy Krautrauch: I haven't gotten any bargains from them but for my money they do the best work.

Moniquea Heartsdale: do you have any suggestions or comments for Ghanima or Blue bloods.

Ivy Krautrauch: mm yes I think I do have one,a tip for photographing darker colors

Ivy Krautrauch: look for lighter backgrounds and high-contrast areas

Ivy Krautrauch: make sure you use as many facelights as you need

Moniquea Heartsdale: ok will be sure to pass that on thanks.

Ivy Krautrauch: photography is the one place you should not care how many lights you use.

Moniquea Heartsdale: well congrats on being the winner and I am glad to have such a great person helping us repersent Blue bloods

[13:01] Ivy Krautrauch: thank you :-)

[13:01] Ivy Krautrauch: and I aam very honored as well

[13:01] Moniquea Heartsdale: your welcome.

Moniquea Heartsdale: thanks so much for your time

Moniquea Heartsdale: it was a pleasure meeting you

Ivy Krautrauch: thank you so much it's been a pleasure

Ivy Krautrauch: bye for now :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



"Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?Just a cage of rib bones and other various parts... So it's fairly simple to cut right through the mess, and to stop the muscle that makes us confess
And we are so fragile, and our cracking bones make noise, and we are just, Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys"
Sublime, beautiful hand drawn dress - Blue Blood

The Storybook Hunt Gift

+++BLUE BLOOD +++ is a part of The Storybook Hunt
Get this gift at the mainstore now.

Head over to +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Boots not included

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sublime beauty for the Romantic Goth <3

I finished these last night! and the second I finished I had to run make the posters to be able to release them! <3
The Sublime dresses are Hand drawn lolita delicities for all of you pretty girls <3

they are available in the colors you see in the pictures and also.....

are you a group member?

if you are you have the following benefits:

You want the fatpack? you can get it at 50% OF!!! save 750L now <3

and also, Sublime comes in a special group only color:

be one of the few who will be able to enjoy this beautiful color option <3

Only available at Blue Blood mainstore


HAIR: *DP* Yumyum - 14
SKIN: Sweets Party - Appricot skin
BOOTS: Ubnique Needs - Dominator Boots