Monday, June 1, 2009

Winter Princess at Blue Blood! 10L dresses!

Winter Princess.... I found these dresses sleeping dusty in my inventory... one of those lovely things you make and then *poof* you're so busy you forget about them :)
so... so celebrate that I found them :P I am offering them for 10L each ONLY AVAILABLE FOR GROUP MEMBERS!
they include the simply gorgeous waistband that you see in the pictures.... I swear that waistband alone took me enough hours of work to prevent me from forgetting about the dress and still i forgot I had them lol
come get yours and BE GOURGEOUS! <3

you will find them at the group area of my mainstore, take the multiporter ^^ choose location and it will take you there ^^

Only Available at Blue Blood Mainstore


SKIN: Nomine
HAIR: Gauze

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