Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely young women for here interview after she won the contest and I have to say she is very unique indeed. I love meeting people who create there own style and know what they want and go after it and that is something I saw in Ivy. She is working hard to persue her career in Photography.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Hello Ivy is a pleasure to meet you.

Ivy Krautrauch: I am honored anyone wants to interview me.

Moniquea Heartsdale: we are pleased to have you repersent Blue Bloods. How did you hear about the contest?

Ivy Krautrauch: I read a few Blogs and in my Entry for hair fair thought I would let Ghanima know I was wearing one of her dresses!

Moniquea Heartsdale: What dress did you wear?

Ivy Krautrauch: I wore Stuka a plaid Lavender dress with Lavender hair.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Thats a very pretty dress

Ivy Krautrauch: its now in a 50L box at the store.

Moniquea Heartdale: what do you look for in good skin in SL?

Ivy Krautrauch: one thing I look for in skin is how the eyebrows are done,my skintone is very light in RL and a harsh brow can really make me look evil!

Moniquea Heartsdale: I agree

Ivy Krautrauch: so I look for lighter eyebrows, ones that don't look drawn.

Moniquea Heartsdale: wow I think lots need beauty tips from you. You have great advice I like they same things in my skins.

Ivy Krautrauch: lighter brows also go better with a wide variety of haiorcolors.

Moniquea Heartsdale: So I imagine you change your hair lots?

Ivy Krautrauch: yes I am a hair nut!!

Ivy Krautrauch: I have very curly hair in RL.

Moniquea Heartsdale: I have natural curl as well and often flatten it.

Ivy Krautrauch: so I go nuts for cruly & frizzy hair when it is done well.

Ivy Krautrauch: I am putting the wig I have on right now in the hair fair too.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Also puts a note for Gahni to try Curly hair!!

Moniquea Heartsdale: Looks forward to attending the hair fair.

Ivy Krautrauch: For curly hair I like Bishwear and Curve Appeal!!

Ivy Krautrauch: I haven't gotten any bargains from them but for my money they do the best work.

Moniquea Heartsdale: do you have any suggestions or comments for Ghanima or Blue bloods.

Ivy Krautrauch: mm yes I think I do have one,a tip for photographing darker colors

Ivy Krautrauch: look for lighter backgrounds and high-contrast areas

Ivy Krautrauch: make sure you use as many facelights as you need

Moniquea Heartsdale: ok will be sure to pass that on thanks.

Ivy Krautrauch: photography is the one place you should not care how many lights you use.

Moniquea Heartsdale: well congrats on being the winner and I am glad to have such a great person helping us repersent Blue bloods

[13:01] Ivy Krautrauch: thank you :-)

[13:01] Ivy Krautrauch: and I aam very honored as well

[13:01] Moniquea Heartsdale: your welcome.

Moniquea Heartsdale: thanks so much for your time

Moniquea Heartsdale: it was a pleasure meeting you

Ivy Krautrauch: thank you so much it's been a pleasure

Ivy Krautrauch: bye for now :-)

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