Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Short update!

So I have a new outfit for you to go get! The outfit is called Freedom, it's cute, it's stunning and hand painted; even the tiny stitches on the fabric are shaded by hand! It comes with two options of skirts, one that is open and one that is a ballgown skirt. If you wear it open you have a cute shorts and back skirt look that I find adorable and if you wear the ballgown you have a regal timeless look. Both are absolutely stunning and come with everything you see, even the boots! And, as always the fatback is 50% off for group members in the group section and there is a special group colour. So get your pixel booties down to the store and get it!

Special Group colour!

Freedom in Purple

Freedom in Pink, yummy!

Freedom in Teal. So pretty.

Freedom in Red!

Hair: House of Munster
Skin: Nomine

That's all I have for now, until next time! -Andel

P.S.: Thank you to all those who bidded on the +++Blue Blood +++ outfits at the RFL fair! The +++Blue Blood+++ auction outfits both raised almost 10K!!!

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