Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dresses, jewelry, cuteness, oh my!

So, ok, what is this? Another post!? Yes, another post, with yet MORE adorableness and hotness.

So, Ghani (+++Blue Blood+++) and Ann Otoole (from Unique Needs) have teamed up to bring you guys some awesome gifts. Each store has 8 lucky boards and one midnight mania board for you all to stalk and click! In those boards you will find the following! The beautiful dresses can be found at +++Blue Blood+++ and the stunning jewlery is from Unique Needs. AND, on the same sim! So you don't even have to teleport!

+++Blue Blood+++
Go get them!

All the jewlery can be found in the Lucky Boards at Unique Needs.

AAAND!!!! Even the midnight manias match one another! The dress is, once again, from +++Blue Blood+++ and the Jewlery set is from Unique Needs. But you better hurry because the boards are filling up fast!

What are you waiting for?

Hair: Curio
Skin: Nomine

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