Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Matrioska] Petite Beauties

     Here is a look at [Matrioska]'s gorgeous petite skin, Deva. She is hand painted and hand tailored to specifically fit the petite avatar! There are a total of three different beautiful skins for the petites, all crafted by the skillful hands of Ghanima. The skins available for petites Cried Out, Deva and Fantasy. Each skin is available in six tones, three human-toned and three-fantasy toned. Deva, pictured above is my personal favorite. She is very regal in her make-up and fit for a petite queen!

Petite Skin: [Matrioska] Deva - Tone A
Dress: Petite +Blue Blood+ - Diabla

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