Monday, March 1, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ Twisted Hunt Prize

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ is one of the sponsors of the latest Twisted Hunt - the most difficult and evil hunt in SL. For the hunt, Ghanima has recolored her Suomi trenchcoat to fashion a unisex version for all you goth girls and boys.

The prize consists of the trenchcoat with sculpted shoulder pads, collar, and cuffs and a long, prim trenchcoat skirt. It does not include pants. I've paired the Suomi trenchcoat with the pants from Blue Blood's Ruca outfit (to avoid unnecessary nudity *wink*). To hunt for Suomi, TP to +++Blue Blood+++ - here's your limo.

For more information on the Twisted Hunt, go to and Happy Hunting! :)


Trenchcoat - +++Blue Blood+++ - Suomi - Special Edition Unisex - Twisted Hunt Gift

Skin - Amacci - Felicia - Goth - 23 Smokey Nude - HB

Pants - +++Blue Blood+++ - Ruca (red) pants

Earrings - Ticky Tacky - Knit One, Pearl Two - PinkyPie (Car Wash 10L)

Lip Piercing - :+*R*+: - Twincle Lovelet (Car Wash 10L)

Boots - Baby Monkey - Malia Boots Black - Car Wash 10L

Eyes - Tacky Star - Cold Like Ice - Small - Vein 1

Hair - Waka & Yuki - Model Hair Gift 3 (at Mimi's Choice)

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