Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eastern Cuteness!

Today I'll be talking about two designers I met, one of them makes lovely real looking skins with wonderful shades and the other makes really cool japanese styled outfits.

This Kimono with Goth looks is a Gift by ::AK:: you can find it at the donation box in her store. It is very complete and detailed. I just LOVED the textures. It looked really well with the Skins I got from RosyMood.

these skins come in a huge variety of makeups and shades and OMG the lips are unbelievable! I loved those lips and the rosey cheeks, made me look like a true doll. I will SO be wearing them with my goth lolita outfits. OH btw, in this zoomed pic you can see the eyes, another gift from ::AK:: they look very real!

here I tried to put all the Rosy Mood skins that I got... thought I must tell you, pictures barely do them justice. They are truly great! and I've just tried them on with goth clothes and they look awesome with them too :D very versatile! They are not free, but I can assure you they are worth every linden. In these pics I'm wearing the skins with another outfit by ::AK::, as I'll show next:

this outfit is japanese schoolgirl styled and it comes with 4 variations: naughty and normal skirt, in two textures each: red and tartan. I didn't show it in the pic here but they also come with a short sleeves shirt.
not a freebie but really cute.


well here I used tons, so I'll just name the sets:
you can get them here

::AK:: Aki-Eyes
you can get it here
and here

Outfit 1
::AK:: Gothic Yukata
you can get it here
and here

Outfits 2
::AK:: Jschoolgirl kokosei seifuku V.2
you can get it here
and here

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