Friday, May 29, 2009

Lilith Valeska Blue Blood Contest winner

Blue bloods had a wonderful contest and this months winner is Lilith Valeska. She is one cool goth chick I got to interview and here you can read her answers to the great interview. Maybe you can be next months winner.

Moniquea Heartsdale: What made you enter the contest and how did you hear about Blue bloods?

Lilith Valeska: Well, I found about Blue Bloods right when I first started SL. I remember the awesome Achariya did a blog post, and I fell head over heals.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Yes she is awesome!

Lilith Valeska: Her blog definatly is what got me to stay

Moniquea Heartsdale: We owe her much thanks, ( thanks Achariya)

Lilith Valeska: Hehe

Moniquea Heartsdale: do you feel the clothing at blue bloods is what is in Demand right now?

Lilith Valeska: It's on my list, that's for sure. Its the perfect blend of the classic gothic style and lolita elements. I can't ever imagine it becoming out of style!!

Moniquea Heartsdale: ~smiles~ yes I agree as a vampire here the style is amazing. So I am sure you have lots of men who would like to know as well as us ladies whats the silliest pick up line you have heard so far in SL

Lilith Valeska: Hahaha, funny you should mention that. The other day I was at a sandbox building a photosphere, and so I had a massive hollowed globe and a clear platform to stand on. So this guy hops up to where I am in is all "Nice invisible platform, need help testing it out? ;)". Not much of a pickup line, but it was sooo random.

Moniquea Heartsdale: I would have laughed also, men can be so random it nearly chokes me.

Moniquea Heartsdale: what are your turn ons and what really turns you off?

Lilith Valeska: Turn ons.. For sure long hair. I love long hair on guys, provided they actually take care of it. None of that icky greasy nonsense. A big turn off is when a guy has in his mind set ways a girl is supposed to act. Now I'm not talking blatenet sexism, but more of that whole "RAWR. I'm a man and I have to protect you. What do you mean you know more about _____ than me?!" Haha, if that makes any sense at all.

Moniquea Heartsdale: I totally understand the men on a power trip ordeal LOL and long hair is so very sexy.

Moniquea Heartsdale: What would say makes you a sexy Goth and what kinda outfits would you love to see more of at Blue bloods?

Lilith Valeska: What makes me a sexy Goth? Psh, because I'm me! Haha, really though, I think it is because alternative fashion is all about being different, and choosing what YOU like, not what other people tell you too. It is a choice, and choices are good! And as for clothing, I love suprises. Seeing the latest release is like christmas! A new awesome outfit to lust after... But if I had to pick a style I like best, I would say something I can mix and match with other things. I'm a big mix and matcher.

Moniquea Heartsdale: Do you prefer the dark colors or bright outgoing ones?

Lilith Valeska: I tend to go with the darker ones, with a few splashes of color!

Moniquea Heartsdale: ~nods~ I prefer the darker ones as well since its more of my vampire side. Well thanks for talking with me today and enjoying repersenting Blue bloods your great at it.

Lilith Valeska: Haha, it was most certainly my pleasure. It was quite an honor!!

Moniquea Heartsdale: Well I am glad you won the contest and are able to repersent the awesome styles Ghanima Uriza Creates

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