Friday, December 11, 2009

Xmas Goodies at Blue Blood

Xmas is coming and with it tons of goodies and special offers.
On this lovely month of the year, I've spent many sleepless nights so Blue Blood can have something for you all :)

First, let me show you the "Winter" outfits. Each of them consists of a sculpted sweater, featuring NekoChan, the cute kitten (Blue Blood's pet). Each outfit costs only 25L and you can find them in the Wishing Tree, in my mainstore. They willonly be there at that amazing prize for a limited time *^___^*

The cute cute place I'm at is my home, which I decorated with items from all over, like Reek, NSB and Hi Calo.
The hair is from Lamb, the skin from Trap and the shoes from Unique Needs.

ALSO: 10L coats. The snowy coats are hand drawn and come in a variety of colors
They are currently for sale at my mainstore, for a limited time. You can find them by the Xmas tree.

and last but not least... NEW LUCKYBOARD DRESSES!!! Every month I add 8 new dresses to my luckyboards. These also feature NekoChan, the store pet <3 (I already love that little thing!!). You acn get these FOR FREE at Blue Blood Mainstore, in the luckyboards <3

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