Thursday, February 26, 2009


I added 7seas to the island about a month ago... then went with exams and completely forgot about it >.< well anyway, today I made some custom prizes for the fishers. As you can see in the picture, the possible prizes are 8 cutey lingerie sets made of: culotte, tank top, socks, and chest ribbons. I hope you guys have good luck and enjoy the prizes :)

and ty Juicy for the idea of the lingerie thingy!! <3

Direct TP to fishing pond at +++BLUE BLOOD+++


Poses by Ana Lutetia
Hair by House of Munster (I don't have the location of the new store sowwy!)
Skin custom, not for sale

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New outfit: Lyll - dolly goth cutie <3

"Lyll" is a goth outfit that can be worn as simple dress, gown or goth lolita style, since it comes with 3 different skirts for you to combine your looks.
It is hand drawn in dark shades gray textures with deep dark red details and ribbons with celtic crosses.


Hair by MAU's & MEJ
Skin: Jrock by Trap
Poses by Ana Lutetia

Sunday, February 22, 2009



The two new +++BLUE BLOOD+++ outfits were released earlier this week: Mimo (mime) a fun to wear costume and Gina, the loli pirate that even has ballet pirate boots!

Then for the mardi Gras party last night, I made the green, gold and purple Mardi Gras Gown... to which I added a few more colors and came up with 4 gowns. The two funky ones are on the lucky chair at my mainstore, while the other two, traditional Mardi Gras colors and grayscale, come with the other 2 in a special 4 colors pack, also available at my mainstore :)

I hope you guys like them and goof luck with the new lucky chair items!!!!

also, I'd like to thank in credits to the skin, hair and poses creators, for the items I used to make the posters :



Hair: Kuda by Penumbra
Skin by Lorala
Poses by Ana Lutetia


Hair: Raz by Penumbra
Skin: Mystery by PANJEN
Poses by Ana Lutetia


Hair: Raz by Penumbra
Skin: Jrock by Trap
Poses by Ana Lutetia

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Colemarie is out!

The new Colemarie outfits for male and female have finally been relesed... I have been trying to put them up at the store for weeks now, but with the sim move it was not possible to do so before today.

Both pieces are hand drawn, with realistic fabrics, and unique sculpts. Each outfit is 8 pieces: the upper poncho cape part, the lower prim jacket, sculpt sleeves for both upper and lower arm, shirt and pants.

For these I took the name of one of my dear friends, sicne her music inspired the making of the outfits.

you can get it at +++BB+++ Mainstore

Sunday, February 1, 2009


starting feb 4th!
in MY TWISTED VALENTINE HUNT you will be able to get a full outfit, which will be hidden by parts throughout the whole sim!
the outfit will be complete with boots and all, you can see it on the promo poster of the hunt attached to this notice,
the hunt will be all over the Blue Blood Island and will last 24 hours. Further info on this as I think of it :D *huggs*