Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elaine - A Versatile Vision

Hello, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted here, hasn't it? Ghani said she'd like me to post my own pics of her outfits here as well as on my own personal blog, so here I am! I have the utmost respect for Ghani and am always willing to do just about anything she asks. :)) And I have to say that the new release, Elaine, is just stunning. I was also blown away by all the different ways you can wear the outfit. I have two of the five colors to show you tonight - the whitegoth white and the whitegoth pink. (You know how much I love pink and white!)

The sculpted corset is a very unusual addition to this traditional lolita dress, I think. If you've ever wanted your avatar to have Scarlet O'Hara's legendary 17 inch waist - this one's for you! To match the sculpted cinched waist, Ghani also includes a cinched choker for your neck. The sculpted corset comes with two different attached skirts or alone without a skirt. The skirts also come separate from the corset, and you can wear the dress without the sculpted corset with the corset pieces on all system layers. As I said - this is one of the most versatile outfits Ghani has done.

Yumm! Elaine is also pretty darned sexy worn as lingerie. I love those stockings with their sheer areas over the butt and upper thighs. Hot!

Mmmmm! I just love pink! I don't care who thinks it's not "goth." Pink is such a delicate, feminine color. Who says you can't be goth and feminine and even innocent (or at least *seem* innocent ^ ^)?

I found even more ways to wear Elaine as I was shooting photos of the whitegoth pink. There are actually three options for the top system layers and two options for the bottom system layers. And there are even more options that I'm not showing you - for instance - prim or system corset with no bra - bear those girls! Hee hee.

Well, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ghani for letting me post here again. *kisses*

Dresses by +++Blue Blood+++
Skins by Dilly Dolls and Nomine
Boots by G Field
Hair by TRUTH and elikatira
Lashes by Edge of Sanity
Hairbase by Amacci

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