Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blue Blood: New Release and Gift

today +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Releases Karina, a set of lovely hand drawn and painted dresses made, as always, with excellent quality textures, created with great care and attention to detail. The outfits are versatile, meaning you can wear them in many ways, some of them shown in the posters; the fabrics are rich and deep, they won't disappoint you!

also there is a gift at the store, intended to celebrate Easter with you =)
it's a group only gift so you need to wear the group tag to get it, isn't it cute? *^_^*

The gift is at the desk at the mainstore, by the mailbox.

Get this and a lot more awesomeness at BLUE BLOOD MAINSTORE


On Karina dresses:

Dresses by Blue Blood
Hair by Gauze
Ears by Gauze
Skin by Mother Goose
Boots by Mon Tissu
Poses by Oracul

On Easter Gift 2011 Dress:

Dress by Blue Blood
Skin by Trap
Hair by Gauze
Boots by Blue Blood
Poses by Olive Juice

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