Thursday, March 12, 2009

New outfits

hey :)

today I'm releasing my 8 new outfits... some of them take me back to my darker goth roots, some are all about my current lolita style. This time, to the lolita outfits, I added a gown skirt options, so you can either wear them to dress gothic lolita style, or else you can wear the gown skirt for formal events or RP sims.

available only at my mainstore ---> +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Mainstore

thank you so much for reading :)




SKIN: custom, not available for purchase
HAIR (SHORT): Unique Needs - Goth Slant Black Silk
HAIR (LONG): HoM - vira hair in black
POSES: Ana Lutetia

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Ghanima Uriza said...

now looking at the pictures I see I forgot to mention one of the skins, the one I wear in the Melancholy outfit you can find at MiaSnow