Monday, November 24, 2008

+++BB+++ money worth double sale!!

just as I hinted at before, today the store starts the "money worth double" sale :)

since now (8AM slt) and for the next 24 hours, the gift cards at the store are markeddown to half price

in case you hate maths as much as I do :) :

500l gift card will cost you 250L
1000L gift card will cost you 500L
1500L gift card will cost you 750L
and 2000L gift card will cost you 1000L

plus you can buy as many gift cards as you want, for yourself and for others.


* Send the notecard to be exchanged for outfits as soon as possible. Please NOTE that this won't be a normal gift card purchase, so even when gift cards last 30 days (meaning you have 30 days after purchase to buy the items with it) THIS WON'T APPLY TO THE SALE. All gift cards bought at half price for the sale you can use DURING the sale. This means that if you send me your gift card after sale is over you will get what you paid for for it. This is not me being bitchy... this is just done to be fair with other buyers, with people who will reach the shop once sale is over and can't participate, and of course with myself. So please please please, be warned and use your sale sold gift card as soon as you buy it :)

* I will be flooded with notecards so please be patient, I'll send you your outfits as soon as possible.

other than that have fun!!


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