Saturday, November 22, 2008

worth double

I gladly announce a big sale for the forthcoming week. The announcements will be made in several groups, but first on this blog and my store's update group. I'm not sure how long the sale will last yet.
To save myself the trouble of having to mark down then up again all my prices on each and every item, the sale will basically consist that your money will be worth double at Blue Blood. And how? simple, gift cards will be marked down at half price.

in case you hate maths as much as I do :) :

500l gift card will cost you 250L
1000L gift card will cost you 500L
1500L gift card will cost you 750L
and 2000L gift card will cost you 1000L

plus you can buy as many gift cards as you want.

after that you just pick the outfits you want for that amount of money and send me the list and gift card as written in the gift cards instructions... which I will PLEASE ask you to read.

Please NOTE that this won't be a normal gift card purchase, so even when gift cards last 30 days (meaning you have 30 days after purchase to buy the items with it) THIS WON'T APPLY TO THE SALE. All gift cards bought at half price for the sale you can use DURING the sale. This means that if you send me your gift card after sale is over you will get what you paid for for it. This is not me being bitchy... this is just done to be fair with other buyers, with people who will reach the shop once sale is over and can't participate, and of course with myself. So please please please, be warned and use your sale sold gift card as soon as you buy it :)

well... I don't think there's much more to say...

wait for the announcement that will mark the start of the sale ^^



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