Friday, May 7, 2010

+++Blue Blood+++ New Goodies - Keep and Gift

That's right, yet another Blue Blood new release for this week - that makes 4 this week! Count along with me - 1) Calendula; 2) Helena Black and White - Picks Reward; 3) Red Death - Click Wars prize; and today No. 4 - Tea, a Keep and Gift outfit. That's right Keep and Gift. That means for L$100 you get *two* outfits - transferable - so you can keep one for yourself and give one to a friend. But wait, they're also unisex, so you can give one to a guy friend as well.

You get a cute little pair of pants with sculpted bell bottoms and a cute top with sculpted sleeves. The non-prim parts come on every possible layer, of course. Tea (as in Tea for Two??) comes in black, red, ocre, teal, and purple, and as always if hand-drawn and hand painted by our talented Ms. Uriza. Get yours at Blue Blood today!

Oh, a side note - Ghani has decided to add another 50 Click events so you now have 50 more chances to win Red Death - but after that, it's *over*!

On Boi-Oriana:
Outfit: +++Blue Blood+++
Skin: Buried
Hair: Buried
Poses: Oracul

On Girl-Oriana:
Outfit: +++Blue Blood+++
Skin: Trap
Hair: Magika
Poses: Oracul
Glasses: Cobrahive

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