Sunday, December 19, 2010

Xmas Cheapies from +++BB+++

hello =)
as every Christmas, +++BLUE BLOOD+++ has some really nice items for sale for only 25L for you to gift yourself something nice =)
this year it's a set of gorgeous hand drawn trenchcoats called Firepower. In the picture you can see the "Wine" colored coat, but it also comes in teal/red/blue/brown/green/ocre/purple

you'll find them by the xmas tree, in the main room you land on upon teleporting into the shop.
they are limited edition items, meaning they will be gone for good after the holidays.

You can get all of these plus much much more awesomeness at +++BLUE BLOOD+++


Coats by +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Pants by Deviance
Hair by Magika
Skin/Makeup by Nomine
Poses by Oracul

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