Friday, January 27, 2012

New Releases from Blue Blood and Matrioska - Ivonne and Burning Hearts!

Hello, loverlies, Ghani has been a busy little bee and has two new releases for us - one for the Matrioska label and one for Blue Blood.  Let's start with the beautiful new skin - Burning Hearts.

Burning Hearts is a tattooed skin, but wait!  The tattoo is mod, so you can slide your thingy all the way from blackest black to non-existent if you so desire.  I hope you're as excited as I am that Ghani has added tattoos to her repertoire.  She's such a fantastic artist, it's awesome to be able to wear her designs directly on your skin - clothing optional!  And will you just look at Ghani here?  She's getting oh so bold in her ads, isn't she?  She's completely nakey except for her lovely skin!  The skin, as always, comes in two versions - with or without the parted lips (teeth).  If you're a fan of fantasy skins, this one should be on your must have list!

As mentioned above, Ghani also has a new release for us under the Blue Blood label.  And oh what a sexy and versatile dress it is!

Look at all the options you get for one low price with Ivonne!  Three different skirts - a full ballgown skirt, an above the knee short skirt, or (my favorite) a burlesque style skirt!  Yummy!  Here's a pic of the fatpack so you can preview all the available colors.

I am so pleased with Ghani's venture back into traditional goth wear, aren't you?  Once again, your vampiric side can revel in having the perfect accoutrements for your lifestyle. :)  (Translation - you've got some really cool stuff to wear to RP as a vampire.)

Well, I hope you're as excited about Ghani's new releases as I am.  Show her some linden lovin' and get yours today.  Don't worry - I'll send you a limo because the landmark has changed!

Release No. 1:
Skin by Matrioska Doll Skins
Hair by Magika
Release No. 2:

Outfits by +++Blue Blood+++
Skin by Redgrave
Boots by Lassitude & Ennui
Hair by Wasabi Pills

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