Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cute Demony Thingy

well these pics were taken at another public hangout at the Blue Blood Island, which is a Pirate Ship. The place has places to sit with your couple or in groups with friends. I often have fun there with my friends.

Here I'm barely wearing clothes because I have the Demoness Avatar on. It doesn't come with shape, so when wearing you'll still look like yourself, only demony :P the tattoos come in clothes layer, so there is a complete skin underneath them, just I'm not fond of making a huge showoff of nipples so.. no way

The Demony avatar comes with other set of boots, but as you've probably seen from my last posts I just can't seem to get these off! lol they go so well with almost every outfit, and they also come in stiletto form.

isn't that hair dreamy? I keep practising to make hair, but it doesn't look nearly as great as the ones from my fav brands. This is by ETD and looks so very natural. I was going to wear the hair that originally comes with the demoness avatar, but in the end I chose this one, it looked better.

now it's back to work for me... a whole day handling screaming brats T_T

Outfit: Demoness avatar +++BLUE BLOOD++++ (skin, tattoos, underpants, eyes, body spikes, gloves)
Boots: Hardcore Platform Boots +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Hair: ETD bobby ebony ETD

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