Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Playing in the Garden

I took some pics at my home's garden... which is full of trees I can sit on, gosh I love them :P (If you like them I got them at Pillowtalk, they are awesome and not expensive at all!). There was this one day I was talking to Hime and Chik and they told me of pillowtalk... so I went there and bought absolutely everything I saw... wonderful excuse to create my own garden :P

well anyway, here I am wearing part of one of my most recent outfits... it comes with several skirts and even a lingerie option, but for this I chose the short poofy one I could wear with my white leopard neko thingies :P Doesn't it look totally cute with the Sirena Hair I have on? Sirena is one of my fav hair stores in SL
The sculpted shoes don't come with this outfit, but they come in a color pack and the whole pack costs only 150L.

Jeez I'm extatic, just came back from class and my teacher looks like she's been taken out of Stargate SG-1 (which is not necessarily a bad thing LOL) and I already have a pile of books waiting for me at the desk, so bye for now guys! ^^

Outfit: Desire (Purple) +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Iced One Tear +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Shoes: LadyGoth Purple +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Eyes: Purple Fantasy +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Accessories: Neko Ears and Tail - White Leopard +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Hair: Felina Red Tips Sirena

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