Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun at the Hangout

Well I was walking around the Blue Blood Island today and after playing a bit in the skulls carroussel I decided to take some pics. If you guys like the place it's on the Blue Blood Island and it's a free hangout, so you're more than welcome to stay and play. In Case you can't find it, it's right next to the store, kinda hidden on the side actually, since I used a free patch of land left for it lol
Here I'm wearing The Luka Outfit, but not with the boots it comes with. This time I chose to wear it with the Hardcore Platform Boots. I think it looks better with those. The skin is my fav one from the Camille Set and that hair... omg... you know I always take pride on wearing my own stuff around, but when it comes to hair I just choose Deviant Kitties, she has a great style and if you make the right choice her hair will surely highlight your personality.

Outfit: Luka (female) +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Boots: Hardcore Platform Boots +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Camille LipBlack +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Eyes: Green Fairy +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Hair: Cyberlocks Coal Deviant Kitties

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