Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hair! :3

today I was wondering around the hair fair and came across a store I didn't know... The designer is Rita Groshomme, who happens to be a sweetypie, and the hair she makes is so lovely that I decided to dedicate a huge post to it ^^ so don't forget it girls! next time you want to buy hair don't forget to visit Curio!

this one's just too gorgeous... you guys know I'm a huge fan of buns, and lol i refuse to take this one off from now on. It comes in a great variety of colors, so you'll have a lot to choose from. It looks lovely with poofy skirts, and in this case I am wearing it with my Neko Goth crimson Outfit. I hope you guys will like it as much as I do ^^

Hair: Honey bun - Various Colors Curio
Outfit: Neko Goth - Crimson +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Adora 2 Porcelana Skin +++BLUE BLOOD++++

this one looks way vampy ^^ my favourite of all I'd say. It looks lovely worn toghether with the vampire princess outfit, which is kind of like a victorian dress made in latex, with sculpted sleeves. Id say my fav color is the black hair, but I know you girls might like the redone better... it's just me and my black fetish lol

Hair: Gala II - Various Colors Curio
Outfit: Vampire Princess +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Envy Red Lips +++BLUE BLOOD++++

this ons looks pricesslike, lovely. I am wearing it with a lovely gown with cape, and matching skin. I love the style of this hair and how it looks elegant with any outfit. I'll be wearing this one a lot! lol

Hair: Freya - Various Colors Curio
Outfit: Rayna Gown +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Envy Red Lips +++BLUE BLOOD++++

this one is so sexy, i tried it on with my catsuit and well.. the pink one seems to go so naturally well with latex it seemed like the best choice :) nontheless, all of them look spectacular, definitely a must for all fashionistas in sl ^^

Hair: Creepy Bun - Various Colors Curio
Outfit: Catsuit Black +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Envy Red Lips +++BLUE BLOOD++++

This super pretty hair here is called "creepy" and it also comes in tons of colors. here I'm modelling my three fav colors for you to see. It goes great with the black version of the Blue Blood Popurri Outfit :)
What I love the most about this hair is its movement, and the fact that it covers half my face without making my hair look puposely hidden :3 so cute!

Hair: Creepy - Various Colors Curio
Outfit: Popurri Black +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Camille - Rose +++BLUE BLOOD++++

When put on this hair I just HAD TO wear a gown... it looks so beautiful and realistic. There a few versions of this specific hair and I am modelling them all here, not all the colors, because there are many many, but wow it's gorgeous!

Hair: Rabid 1, 2 and 3 - Various Colors Curio
Outfit: Desire Bluegreen +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Rouge Porcelana vamp dark Lips +++BLUE BLOOD++++

doens't it look emo cute? plus it looks exactly like my rl hair lol so I was drawn to it instantly! With it I'm wearing a lovely skin from Nomine from the china white shade and a Blue Blood Outfit, the red one from the lasombra series.


Hair: In Space - Various Colors Curio
Outfit: Lasombra Red +++BLUE BLOOD++++
Skin: Nomine China White 13-20 Nomine

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