Monday, January 11, 2010

New Release - Rika

This week's new release is Rika - a cute gothic outfit that is actually two outfits in one. Without the skirt, it's a cute bloomers outfit, and with the skirt it's an adorable lolita. You can also wear it with or without the corset on the undershirt layer for even more combinations. All lovingly hand drawn for you by the talented Ghanima Uriza. :) Dark goth colors available: black, gold, purple, red, and teal. White goth colors available: blue, green, pink, purple, and white. Group only colors - white goth green and dark goth gold. 50% off the price of the fatpack for group members, as well. Get it here. :) The Group sale area is on the third floor.

Worn by Ms. Uriza:

skin: trap

Hair: magika

Poses: Oracul

Eyes: Gauze

Boots: Bax

Worried that it didn't "work," I'm reposting this. Sorry if I spam anyone. :/



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