Monday, January 11, 2010

Rika by Des :)

Hey, loverlies. Des here. As you know already, Ghanima has released a lovely new frock for ++Blue Blood++ aficionados. I'm really loving the white goth dresses; I'm so glad Ghanima decided to indulge us. Look at this monochromatic creation. The white on white pattern is actually made up of little hearts - soooo cute. I think this will have to go in my "kawaii" folder as I continue to organize my massive inventory. :)

Below are two more options for wearing the included pieces. Without the jacket, sleeves, and choker, you have a summery halter top/corset with the lolita skirt. Without the skirt and with the bloomers, you have sexy, yet innocent lingerie.

Here's the dark goth version in teal. Same outfit - yet a completely different look. Again, the same options are available - sleeveless lolita dress or lingerie with bloomers.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin' (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!

Set one:
Dresses - ++Blue Blood++ - Rika in White goth - white
Hair - Nightshade - Lenore - Chrome
Earrings - Cailyn's Teardrop Earrings - Silver/Diamond (former Lucky Chair item)
Boots - Ztique - Snowflake (Christmas 2008)
Eyes - Shine - Lustrous Argent
Lashes - [glow] studio - Innocent Lashes - Smooth
Skin - Heartsick - Amor E Morte - Aether - Her Ghost in the Fog

Set two:
Dresses - ++Blue Blood++ - Rika in Dark goth - teal
Hair - Rezlpsa Loc - Martha - 9pm
Shoes - Sn@tch - Slouchy Janes
Skin - Heartsick - Amor E Morte - Aether - Absinthe with Faust
Eyes and Lashes - same

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