Tuesday, February 16, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Delia

This week's new +++BLUE BLOOD+++ release is a svelte gothic pantsuit named Delia. The highwaisted pants are emphasized by a waistband prim that ties the entire outfit together seamlessly. It's the height of understated sexuality in the vein of "less is more." As always, Delia has been hand drawn and hand painted with love and care to make you look simply beautiful. Take a look.

Delia comes in the DarkGoth colors gold, purple, red (shown above), black and teal; and in the WhiteGoth colors green, pink (shown above), purple, white, and blue. The Group Only colors this week are DarkGoth Gold and WhiteGoth Green. As always, +++Blue Blood+++ Group members get a 50% discount on the purchase of a fatpack. Find Delia in the New Release section of the 1st floor at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Other Credits:
Hair - Magika
Shoes - 50 Flats
Poses - Oracul (Kuso Kuso)
Skin - Den-Dou

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