Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Des does Delia

As you may know from my earlier post, +++BLUE BLOOD+++ released a new goth pantsuit today called Delia. Now, in RL I wear pants all the time. But in SL I rarely do. I just don't think pants are very sexy. Well, Ghanima has shown me that pants *can* be very sexy. I think it's the wonderful high waist on these pants, augmented by an ingenious prim waistband, that increases the oooo factor. The high waist just makes your butt look *fantastic* by giving a longer silhouette to the derriere region. :) Look...

Delia in Darkgoth Teal
Delia in Whitegoth White

And there's just something about being so covered up that adds to the sexiness factor. Ghanima says that this outfit is sexy because it's demure, and I agree completely. Sometimes it's what you *don't* show.... :)

Find Delia only in the New Release section of +++BLUE BLOOD+++ here.

Other Items Worn:

Photo 1:

Outfit - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Delia - Teal

Lashes - [glow] studio - Innocent - smooth

Eyes - Kiwi - jUN Eyes D6 (blue)

Hair -CriCri - gShort02-D - natural brown

Skin - Zanzo - Reborn - Maude

Earrings - DM Designs - Blissful - Onyx

Shoes - Dilly Dolls - Bows & Ribbons Dolly Pumps

Photo 2:

Outfit - Me - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Delia - WhiteGoth White

Skin - Zanzo - Reborn - Edna

Hair - Deviant Kitties - Thirteen - White

Earrings - Alienbear - Frideswide Earrings white

Eyes, lashes, shoes - same

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