Monday, February 8, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Suomi

This week's new release at +++BLUE BLOOD+++ is a goth trenchcoat called Suomi. The clothing comes on every possible layer, so you can combine it with other outfits for your own gothic LOTD. The hotpants look like cute bloomers, especially if you attach the leg prims. It comes with both a short and a longer skirt for the coat.

As always, Suomi is handpainted and the sculpts were custom created and are unique to Suomi. The shape of the coat is whimsical, with rose-like fabric accents around the waist and mandarin-style shoulder pads. The fabric has a subtle moon and stars pattern and once again highlights Ghanima's love for vibrant, almost metallic, textures. Suomi comes in black, red, purple, teal, and gold, as well as the whitegoth colors white, purple, green, blue, and pink. As usual, +++Blue Blood+++ group members receive a 50% discount on the fatpacks, and have two special group only colors; this week it's the darkgoth purple and whitegoth green.

Find Suomi in the new release area here at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Hair - Magika
Boots - Bax Coen
Poses - Oracul (Kuso Kuso)
Skin - Trap

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