Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Mobvend at +++BLUE BLOOD+++

It's that time again - time to IM your friends and acquaintances, spam your groups, and congregate at the Mobvend at +++BLUE BLOOD+++. Ghanima has put Analu in purple in the Mobvendor and you know what that means. Instead of L$300, you can buy Analu for L$50 if you gather enough goth aficionados together. That's really not difficult to do if you're a member of any lucky chair/midnight mania group or especially the +++BLUE BLOOD+++ group. Enough chatter, here's Analu:

Look closely - Analu comes with so many options! Three skirts - a lolita skirt, a bustled lolita skirt (my favorite), and a ballgown skirt. It comes with a sleeveless top, as well as a cropped jacket. Imagine the possibilities! So, hurry on over and snag Analu before it's too late!


Dresses - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Analu Purple

Lashes -[glow] studio - Innocent - Smooth

Eyes - Kiwi - jUN D6

Skin - Heartsick - Amor E Morte - Aether - Midian - (c)EB2

(sorry no LM - they moved recently)

Boots - Envy Designs - Goth Purple

Jewelry - DM Designs - Blissful - Onyx

Hair - Waka & Yuki - Sim Opening Gift (dollarbie)

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