Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Mobvend at +++BLUE BLOOD+++

Last night, Ghani put Wren in Red in the Mobvend. Yep, instead of L$300, you can get Wren for only L$50 if you get enough friends (or strangers) together. Wren comes with three skirt options (two shown below) - two lolita skirts (one tiered, one smoother) and a fitted skirt. So, run over to +++Blue Blood+++ before Ghani changes it out again. :)


Dress - +++Blue Blood+++ - Wren - Red

Boots- Sn@tch - Lavish Velvet Boots (new)

Hair - Rezlpsa Loc - Anna - 8pm (new)

Skin - Amacci - Felicia - Milky - Ruby - HB Cleavage

L$100 Daily Deal on FATPACK of Bronxelf at +++BLUE BLOOD+++

Ghanima is taking a short break from SL to deal with an important issue in her RL, but she hasn't forgotten us. Today, she offers a Daily Deal - for just L$100 you can buy a FATPACK of Bronxelf in five colors (ocre, black, red, purple, and teal). Take a look.

Bronxelf comes with two skirt options - a flirty, short skirt, and a super sexy long, open skirt.
Find Bronxelf on the desk in Ghani's office on the first floor of the store. Ghani assures us that this is just the first of a few surprises she has in store for us at +++Blue Blood+++ this week. :)


Dresses - +++Blue Blood+++ - Bronxelf

Hair - TRUTH - Chalice - Night

Boots - First Flower - Valerian Girls - Black

Skin - Amacci - Felicia - Milky - Ruby - HB Cleavage

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Mobvend at +++BLUE BLOOD+++

It's that time again - time to IM your friends and acquaintances, spam your groups, and congregate at the Mobvend at +++BLUE BLOOD+++. Ghanima has put Analu in purple in the Mobvendor and you know what that means. Instead of L$300, you can buy Analu for L$50 if you gather enough goth aficionados together. That's really not difficult to do if you're a member of any lucky chair/midnight mania group or especially the +++BLUE BLOOD+++ group. Enough chatter, here's Analu:

Look closely - Analu comes with so many options! Three skirts - a lolita skirt, a bustled lolita skirt (my favorite), and a ballgown skirt. It comes with a sleeveless top, as well as a cropped jacket. Imagine the possibilities! So, hurry on over and snag Analu before it's too late!


Dresses - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Analu Purple

Lashes -[glow] studio - Innocent - Smooth

Eyes - Kiwi - jUN D6

Skin - Heartsick - Amor E Morte - Aether - Midian - (c)EB2

(sorry no LM - they moved recently)

Boots - Envy Designs - Goth Purple

Jewelry - DM Designs - Blissful - Onyx

Hair - Waka & Yuki - Sim Opening Gift (dollarbie)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Des does Delia

As you may know from my earlier post, +++BLUE BLOOD+++ released a new goth pantsuit today called Delia. Now, in RL I wear pants all the time. But in SL I rarely do. I just don't think pants are very sexy. Well, Ghanima has shown me that pants *can* be very sexy. I think it's the wonderful high waist on these pants, augmented by an ingenious prim waistband, that increases the oooo factor. The high waist just makes your butt look *fantastic* by giving a longer silhouette to the derriere region. :) Look...

Delia in Darkgoth Teal
Delia in Whitegoth White

And there's just something about being so covered up that adds to the sexiness factor. Ghanima says that this outfit is sexy because it's demure, and I agree completely. Sometimes it's what you *don't* show.... :)

Find Delia only in the New Release section of +++BLUE BLOOD+++ here.

Other Items Worn:

Photo 1:

Outfit - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Delia - Teal

Lashes - [glow] studio - Innocent - smooth

Eyes - Kiwi - jUN Eyes D6 (blue)

Hair -CriCri - gShort02-D - natural brown

Skin - Zanzo - Reborn - Maude

Earrings - DM Designs - Blissful - Onyx

Shoes - Dilly Dolls - Bows & Ribbons Dolly Pumps

Photo 2:

Outfit - Me - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Delia - WhiteGoth White

Skin - Zanzo - Reborn - Edna

Hair - Deviant Kitties - Thirteen - White

Earrings - Alienbear - Frideswide Earrings white

Eyes, lashes, shoes - same

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Delia

This week's new +++BLUE BLOOD+++ release is a svelte gothic pantsuit named Delia. The highwaisted pants are emphasized by a waistband prim that ties the entire outfit together seamlessly. It's the height of understated sexuality in the vein of "less is more." As always, Delia has been hand drawn and hand painted with love and care to make you look simply beautiful. Take a look.

Delia comes in the DarkGoth colors gold, purple, red (shown above), black and teal; and in the WhiteGoth colors green, pink (shown above), purple, white, and blue. The Group Only colors this week are DarkGoth Gold and WhiteGoth Green. As always, +++Blue Blood+++ Group members get a 50% discount on the purchase of a fatpack. Find Delia in the New Release section of the 1st floor at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Other Credits:
Hair - Magika
Shoes - 50 Flats
Poses - Oracul (Kuso Kuso)
Skin - Den-Dou

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sale at +++BLUE BLOOD+++

Hi, everyone, Ghanima is having a 50% off sale on items on the second floor of the +++BLUE BLOOD+++ main store. But only until the end of the week, after which some of the outfits will return to their original prices, while others will disappear forever to make room for new outfits. This is an excellent opportunity for you to snag some beautiful goth clothes at a substantial discount - nothing is over L$150. Here's your taxi to the 2nd floor. :)

I apologize for the lack of photos here, but Blogger really doesn't like me. I can't seem to get my photos the right size tonight. :/ So, I posted lots of lovely, big, fat pictures on my blog over here for your viewing pleasure. Hope to see you there. :)) *mwah*!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Des in Suomi by +++BLUE BLOOD+++

Suomi is a sexy, fun goth trenchcoat with subtle little stars and moons in the fabric, roses on the waist and a choice of two skirt lengths - in other words, another beautiful goth new release from Ghanima Uriza of +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Once again you have a choice of dark goth colors or white goth colors (or both if you're undecided). :) The darkgoth colors (black, gold, purple, red, and teal) are shiny, almost metallic, jeweltones. The whitegoth colors (green, pink, purple, white, and blue) are more subtle and so very feminine.

Since the clothing comes on every possible layer, you can also wear the coat with your favorite pants or even a mini skirt. :)

Get yours only at +++BLUE BLOOD+++ in the new releases section.


Photo Set 1:

Outfit - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Suomi - Dark Goth Purple

Eyes - sakurako - purple eyes 2

Hair - YunA - Yuka - AshBlack

Lashes- [glow] studio - Innocent - Smooth

Skin - Heartsick - Amor E Morte - Illusion - Midian

Boots - Envy Designs - Goth Boots Purple

Earrings - Violet Voltaire - Angel Earrings - Violet

Photo Set 2:

Outfit - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Suomi - Whitegoth Blue

Eyes - Poetic Colors - Aurora Eyes with eye lights

Lashes - [glow] studio - Innocent - Smooth

Skin - Heartsick - Serenity - Illusion - Pure Morning

Hair - CriCri - gST01 - all color freebie

Boots - Sn@tch - Oblivion Boots - White

Earrings - Violet Voltaire - Love Like Blood

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Suomi

This week's new release at +++BLUE BLOOD+++ is a goth trenchcoat called Suomi. The clothing comes on every possible layer, so you can combine it with other outfits for your own gothic LOTD. The hotpants look like cute bloomers, especially if you attach the leg prims. It comes with both a short and a longer skirt for the coat.

As always, Suomi is handpainted and the sculpts were custom created and are unique to Suomi. The shape of the coat is whimsical, with rose-like fabric accents around the waist and mandarin-style shoulder pads. The fabric has a subtle moon and stars pattern and once again highlights Ghanima's love for vibrant, almost metallic, textures. Suomi comes in black, red, purple, teal, and gold, as well as the whitegoth colors white, purple, green, blue, and pink. As usual, +++Blue Blood+++ group members receive a 50% discount on the fatpacks, and have two special group only colors; this week it's the darkgoth purple and whitegoth green.

Find Suomi in the new release area here at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.

Hair - Magika
Boots - Bax Coen
Poses - Oracul (Kuso Kuso)
Skin - Trap

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sophie by Des

This week's new release is another wonderful dress by Ghanima. Again we have our choice of jewel tones or pastels, or as Ghanima calls them, DarkGoth or WhiteGoth. Sophie is a flirty little dress with a short, sculpted skirt. An unusual element is the tummy sculpt that gives the top of the skirt a blouson appearance. Ghanima makes all the sculpts herself, and Sophie consists of a sculpted dress top (at the tummy), sculpted skirt, sculpted sleeves, and sculpted gloves in two parts. It comes with both a jacket and a shirt for two different looks, as well as a prim lacy collar. (See the options in the composite photo.)


Dress - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Whitegoth - White

Hair - Sadistic Hacker - Vermillion White

Boots - Ztique - Winter White Velvet

Jewelry - Violet Voltaire - Melancholy Earrings - white

Skin - ATOMIC - Fae Cream VIP Pink

Dress -

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ - Sophie Red

Hair - Pocket Mirrors - Thalia Short Midnight

Boots - Sweeter Than Candy - Slouch Boots Cherry (old gift)

Skin - Amacci - Felicia (Fresh) - RoseTat - HB Cleavage - Group Gift

Earrings - Nomine - Solis Red

Eyes - Shine - Silent Lucidity - Slate

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ New Release - Sophie

Yes, it's that time of the week again - time for a new release from +++BLUE BLOOD+++. This week's offering is Sophie, and once again it comes in both dark goth and white goth options.

The DarkGoth colors are red, purple, gold, black and teal. The group color is gold.

The WhiteGoth colors are purple, pink, cream, blue, and white. The group only color is cream. As always, group members receive a 50% discount on fatpacks. Find Sophie among the new releases here at +++BLUE BLOOD+++.


Outfit - Sophie by +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Hair - lamb
Shoes - Bax Coen
Skin - Trap