Wednesday, September 3, 2008

aren't we sexy? :P

here sweetypie Creamy and I are wearing two of the three new gowns that are in the lucky chair at +++BLUE BLOOD++++ for free (the other one is gold). The sleeves aresculpted and it inludes the cape and two skirts you can either wear toghether or separately :3 here I'm wearing ETD hair, and 'm such a carrothead that i forgot to ask Creamy what hair she was wearing LOL
don't we look sexy and princesslike?

here I am with sexy Creamy modelling one of the lucky chair freebies at +++BLUE BLOOD++++
this one comes in 3 colors (here we're only showing two) and it's a total of 20 pieces. The boots are also from +++BLUE BLOOD++++ but they are not a freebie, and we are both wearing NMR32 black hair by Boon


just drop by +++BLUE BLOOD++++ to grab a lucky chair freebie and stay around checking the sim, I've rebuilt the whole thing so it looks like my own twisted version of Alice in wonderland. I'll take pics of it for a further post so you all see it, but there are multiple hangouts for you to use. Only restricted are is my home, but there is a fence and a sign that says private, so you'll see it... and if you don't... well so so so sorry but my orb is a bitch and will kick you :P

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